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Ohio - City of Bedford Contractor Bond

December 17, 2018

The City of Bedford contractor bond is a $15,000 surety bond required of contractors who perform work in the city limits. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds today at 844-589-9732.

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City of  Bedford, Ohio Contractors




Contractors who wish to perform contracting work in the City of Bedford, Ohio, must obtain a $15,000 contractor surety bond.

The bond is available from AmeriPro Surety Bonds as both a first time or renewal surety bond.

Below, we detail the purpose of the surety bond and cost, and how to quickly obtain your bond from our agency.




City of Beford Contractor Bond – Its Purpose




The $15,000 City of Bedford contractor bond is a financial guarantee that contractors performing work in the city will do so according to Code.

Specifically, contractors must perform work according to the building code outlined by the city.

The bond protects the city from any failure to follow these provisions. Also included in this financial guarantee is the failure to complete work in a timely manner --- or failure to complete the work at all.

The bond’s financial protection not only extends to the you as the bonded contractor, but to any employees or subcontractors hired by the bonded contractor to perform work in the city.

This contractor bond protects the City of Bedford from acts of negligence, fraud, accidents, loss or acts or lack of skill in the performance of contractual duties.

And as such, your contractor bond is a not an insurance policy which benefits you.

It is, rather, a policy which protects the city.

And therefore, any claims paid on your bond become your legal liability to reimburse the surety in full.




City of Beford Contractor Bond --- Its Duration and Premium




Contractor bonds issued for the City of Bedford all have an expiration, regardless of when purchased on December 31st of that year. Registrations completed late in the year may qualify for expiration the following year.

Our agency offers you the ability to purchase the City of Bedford contractor bond with a prepayment for up to 3 years, offering an overall savings on the premium.

The pricing may be as low as follows:

  • A one year City of Bedford contractor bond may cost you as little as $100;
  • The same bond prepaid for two years may cost about $140;
  • This surety bond prepaid for 3 years may have a premium around $200.



Applying for the City of Bedford Contractor Bond




The application process for the City of Bedford contractor bond is easy.

You merely call our agency and we can take the application from you directly over the phone. The time spent completing the application may be as little as 5 to 10 minutes.

Once the application is submitted, the bond should be ready for issuance within a few hours and at the latest is mailed by the following business day.

We also have options for those who wish to have the bond mailed overnight.




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