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Ohio - City of Cleveland Sewer Bond

December 28, 2018

The city of Cleveland sewer bond is a $25,000 surety bond required of sewer contractors. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds at 844-589-9732.

Ohio – City of Cleveland Sewer Builder Bond |

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2022 Update: We are no longer offering any contractor-related surety bonds for the city of Cleveland, Ohio.



Cleveland Sewer Builders




Sewer builders who are licensed by the city of Cleveland must be registered and obtain a $25,000 City of Cleveland sewer builder bond.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers this bond as a both a new and renewal bond.




City of Cleveland Sewer Builder Bond: The Purpose of this Surety Bond




The purpose of the city of Cleveland sewer builder bond is to ensure your compliance with §541.04 of the city’s ordinance for sewer builders.

While the current link may state that the bond amount required is $5,000, it is actually currently a $25,000 surety bond requirement.

The purpose of this surety bond is for the protection of Cleveland, Ohio, and its residents.

The bond’s existence holds harmless the city from any injuries or losses created in connection with sewer building.

The bond furthermore holds harmless the city from any harm caused by any employees or subcontractors whom you as a licensed sewer builder may hire.

But the bond is not an insurance policy.

And because it is not an insurance policy, this means that in the event that a claim is filed against your surety bond, judged credible, and paid, it is your legal responsibility to fully reimburse the surety for all costs and fees paid in the settlement of any surety claim.




The Cleveland Sewer Bond: Premium and Duration of the Bond




While the Cleveland sewer bond is a $25,000 surety bond, an applicant may typically expect to pay 1% or less annually for this bond.

The final determining factor will be information provided on an application.

If a credit score is required and you have below average credit, our agency will work to find you the best overall surety bond pricing.

Once issued, your Cleveland sewer bond will have an expiration date of December 31st of the year in which the bond was issued.

An active, current sewer bond must be kept on file at all times as a condition of being able to perform work for the city.




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