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Ohio - Painesville Contractor Bond

January 14, 2019

The $25k Painesville contractor bond may cost you as little as just $125 annually. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds today at 844-589-9732.

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Painesville Contractors




The Painseville contractor bond actually comprises 5 different contracting specialties in Painesville, Ohio.

When you call AmeriPro Surety Bonds, we will need to know which contracting specialty or specialties surety bond you will need for filing with the city of Painesville.




Contracting Specialties in Painesville Who Require a Surety Bond




The following 5 contractor specialties require registration with the city of Painesville and the furnishing of a $25,000 surety bond:

  • Painseville electrical contractors;
  • Painesville general construction contractors;
  • Painesville HVAC contractors;
  • Painesville plumbing contactors;
  • Painesville sewer contractors.



Painesville Contractor Bond: The Purpose




The purpose of any of the $25,000 Painesville contractor bonds is a financial guarantee which ensures your compliance with contracting regulations in the state of Ohio and the city of Painesville.

The bond protects the city of Painesville and holds the city harmless the failure of any bonded contractor to perform work according to the Building Code, which subsequently results in some harm.

The protections of this surety bond, again, in favor of the city of Painesville, extends to work not only done by you, but by any of your employees or subcontractors whom you retain to perform contracting duties.




Painesville Contractor Bond: The Premium Amount and Bond Term




The premium for the Painesville contractor bond is as little as $125 annually.

Once issued, the bond renews on December 31st of the year in which it is issued. The same is also true for bonds issued very late within the calendar year.

A current and active surety bond must be kept on file at times as a condition of remaining eligible to perform contractor work in Painesville.








Applying for the Painesville contractor bond can be done by the submission of a paper application.

However, to save you time, we encourage you to call our agency and speak with an agent.

In any case, whatever you choose, our goal is to get you the surety bond you need for filing in a timely manner.

As a note, only the original surety bond is acceptable for filing with the city. Copies are not acceptable.




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