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Arizona Appeal Bond / Arizona Cost Bond

The Arizona appeal bond is a civil surety required by an Appeal Court when a litigant wishes to have an unfavorable judgment reviewed with the view to its overturning. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds today: 844-589-9732.

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Arizona Appeal Court


An Arizona civil judicial appeal occurs when a defendant loses a case in trial and a monetary or some judgment of equal value is rendered in favor of the plaintiff, and the defendant wishes to have the case reviewed by an appellate court in hopes of having the verdict either partly, or ideally, fully overturned.

To have the decision reviewed by a different court, there are certain peramaters which must be met.



Time to file a Civil Appeal in Arizona


Arizona appellants (persons or companies who are filing a civil appeal) normally have 14 calendar days from the date of the original entry of judgment to file the appeal with proper Arizona court.

There are instances in which there are only 5 calendar days to file an appeal; however, any person filing an appeal will want to first check with the court or their retained legal counsel for verification.

Appeals initiated by federal governments, local or state Arizona municipalities are exempt from an appeal bond.


Filing An Arizona Court Appeal Bond


When an Arizona court appeal bond is filed, the filing of the appeal “stays the execution” of the judgement.

What this means is that once the bond has been filed and accepted by the appeal court, the order (judgment against the defendant) will not be executed while the order is on appeal.

In the practical order, then, if there are monetary damages, filing an appeal — along with the bond stays the verdict.


Amount of an Arizona Appeal Court Bond


The amount of the Arizona court appeal bond will be:  the amount of the judgment, plus an courts costs –including interest fees which may and will accrue while the judgment is on appeal.

These bonds are fully collateralized by the defendant.

This is to say that the defendant, in filing an appeal bond, places, in cash, the amount of the judgment, court costs, and interest costs, as determined by the court, with a surety agency, who in turn, issues a surety bond.

Applicants for an Arizona appeal bond will always want to get the appeal amount in writing —either directly from the court, which is the ideal, and/or on attorney letterhead.

This will allow AmeriPro Surety Bonds to ensure that the amount required for the Arizona appeal bond is, in fact, the correct amount.


Cost of the Arizona Appeal Court / Arizona Cost Bond


The full amount determined by the court, along with the first year premium due to our agency, will be required to have your surety bond filed with the Arizona appellant court.

The first year premium is earned in full upon issuance of the surety bond.



Premium Renewals


Premiums for court appeal bonds renew on an annual basis for as long as the case is on appeal.

These premium payments must be made in full and are due immediately upon receipt.

The premium amount will be determined by a percentage of the cost of the surety bond and may (or may not) include a credit inquiry.


Why An Arizona Court Appeal Bond exists

The logic behind an Arizona court appeal bond is simple.

In the United States, there are many instances when a judgment may be appealed for a variety of reasons.

While the defendant may have a right to an appeal, a plaintiff also has the right to be able to collect a judgment in their favor.

The appeal bond guarantees that should the appellant (the defendant) fail to prevail a second time “on appeal”, the plaintiff will be compensated for both the original judgment amount (whether or not it is reduced) and any interest which has accrued since the original judgment date.


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