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Georgia Injunction Bond

February 5, 2019

The Georgia injunction bond is a court ordered surety bond purchased by the plaintiff on behalf of and in favor of the defendant. Up to and inclusive of a $25,000 surety amount, we offer this bond without a credit check. AmeriPro Surety Bonds explains and works for with you to obtain this bond: 844-589-9732.

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A Court Ordered Injunction Surety Bond




If a Georgia court has mandated that you obtain an injunction bond, your first thought might be :

'What exactly is an injunction bond, anyway?’

And while the term may seem both confusing and surprising, all rolled up in one, AmeriPro Surety Bonds will explain and help you to file your Georgia injunction bond in a timely manner.




First Things First: What is a Georgia Injunction Bond?




A Georgia injunction surety bond is a court surety bond required of the plaintiff in a court proceeding on behalf of the defendant. The bond is court ordered.

Essentially, the bond is a financial guarantee that should the defendant prevail in the court proceeding, or if the case is subsequently dismissed by the court, that they will not only not just merely win, but that they will be compensated for any financial harm or damages which occurred to them as part of the court proceeding.

As mentioned in Georgia law, §9-11-65 this surety bond is required to cover “...costs and damages...” that a defendant will still suffer if the defendant prevails in a case.

If we were to imagine a triangle, we would see at the top of the triangle the court mandating the injunction bond, the plaintiff (or the plaintiff’s attorney) arranging to purchase the surety bond, and the defendant being the beneficiary of the surety bond.

The bond is therefore,  strictly for the benefit of the defendant, with the caveat that the defendant either wins the case or the case is dismissed.



Qualifying and the Premium



Up to a $25,000 surety bond amount, our agency offers you the Georgia injunction bond with streamlined processing. What this means is that after:

  • Completing a surety bond application, which is thankfully not too long;
  • Providing our agency with a copy of the court order mandating the injunction surety bond and the amount;
  • And, paying the premium;

Our agency offers you the bond immediately and without a credit check.

The premium amount will be 2% annually of the amount required (with a minimum of $100).   Once these documents are received and the premium is paid, we will have your court injunction bond mailed to you immediately.  Upon receipt, you'll sign your bond as Principal and the file it with the court.

For Amounts Greater than $25,000.00

For an injunction surety bond greater than $25,000 --- even if by $1 --- in addition to the items above, a credit check inquiry will also be required.  Good credit will be needed in order to be approved.  However, the approval premium is at the same rate, 2%.



Premium; Annual Renewal


The premium associated for the issuance of your injunction surety bond is not a onetime payment; rather, the premium renews annually on the anniversary of its issuance for as long as the underlying case is active, or for as long as the court requires.

As a general rule of thumb, we tell applicants for this bond to realistically expect to pay your premium at least twice over the course of your case.





Georgia Injunction Bond: For Whom this Bond Does Not Apply




Exempted from the Georgia injunction bond are matters involving spousal and children-related matters.





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AmeriPro Surety Bonds is a surety bonds only agency which provides court surety bonds throughout Georgia.  We also provide surety bonds nationwide.

We look forward to working with you to quickly obtain (or, if legal counsel, your client) the injunction surety bond required.

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