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Kansas Replevin Bond

October 19, 2020

A Kansas replevin bond is required of a Plaintiff, on behalf of a Defendant, in a civil litigation proceeding. Obtaining the bond is a prerequisite to granting the order of replevin, which allows for the taking of possession of property by a Plaintiff from the Defendant, pre-judgment. Our agency provides this bond in whatever amount required, and up to $50,000 we also do so without a credit check inquiry. Please call: 844-589-9732.

Kansas Replevin Bond

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KS Replevin Surety Bond; Purpose and Amount




An order of replevin or an action of replevin occurs in a civil litigation proceeding wherein the Plaintiff, before a final judgment is determined, is allowed to seize and take possession of the disputed property of a Defendant.  This bond may also be referred to as a Kansas writ of possession bond.

As a prerequisite to granting an order of replevin, the presiding Kansas court will require a surety bond.

The purpose of the surety bond requirement is to serve as a financial guarantee that in case the court subsequently determines that the order of replevin should not have been given, the Defendant may be compensated for the loss or harm already caused by the replevin’s issuance.

Therefore, while the surety bond is required of the Plaintiff, its benefit is for the Defendant.

According to Kansas Code Chapter 61, Article 37, as amended, the amount of your replevin bond will be at least twice the value of the property in question, as determined by the judge; or, the amount may be lesser, at the discretion of the presiding court.




Qualifying and the Premium




Our agency offers you the Kansas replevin bond in the amount that the court requires. Up to and inclusive of a $50,000 surety bond requirement, we also provide this bond without a credit check inquiry.

A replevin bond requirement greater than $50,000 is approved based upon your good credit.

Regardless of the amount of your replevin surety bond, our agency will need the following from you:

  • A copy of the court order which states the surety bond requirement;
  • A completed application. To facilitate ease of completion, the application may be completed via DocuSign;
  • If the amount is greater than $50,000, review and approval of your application by a surety bond underwriter. Amounts up to $50,000 will automatically be approved under the vast majority of c circumstances;
  • Payment of at least the first annual premium. Premiums paid are earned in full.

Once the annual premium is paid, our agency issues your bond to you immediately. A copy will be emailed to you for review; however, it is the original bond that you will file with the court.

We will sign your bond as Surety and you (or for legal counsel, your client) will need to sign the bond as Principal.




Annual Renewal of the Premium




The premium associated with your Kansas replevin bond is not a onetime payment, but renews annually for as long as the court requires surety.

Premiums paid are earned in full and no refund, either in full or prorated, is offered.



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