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Missouri Probate Bond

May 28, 2019

The Missouri probate bond may be required of an administrator of an estate and a guardian of a minor or someone disabled. The premium, relative to the amount of the bond you require, is typically quite small. Please call our agency today at 844-589-9732.

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Probate – Missouri



Update:  June 2019:  Up to $100,000, AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers you the Missouri probate surety bond as in "instant issue" bond.  This means that upon completion of an application and payment of the surety bond premium, the bond is issued to you immediately.  There is no credit score check for any probate bond offered by us up to the $100,000 ceiling.  The information below refers to surety bond amounts greater than $100,000; however, be assured that our agency will work to find you the fairest premium pricing!

The Missouri probate process is broadly defined as the act of determining the disposition of a will.

However, while the probate process typically refers to the estate of a deceased person or persons, and the distribution of the surviving assets, guardians of minors and those disabled may also be required to submit to a probate-like process.

Thus, a probate surety bond may be required of both an administrator of an estate and a guardian of a minor or someone who is disabled.




Missouri Probate Bond – The Amount Required




For administrators of a Missouri estate, the bond amount required according to the Missouri Revisor of Statutes § 473.157 will be determined by the judge or clerk.

For guardian of minors and the disabled, the probate bond according to the Revisor of Statutes §475.100 is in an amount also determined by the court.

The amount in both cases is typically the value of the estate. The amount may in theory also include any projected future earnings of the estate.




Its Purpose




The purpose of the Missouri probate bond is to serve as a financial guarantee that an administrator, or in the case of the living estate of someone who is a minor or is disabled, will be handled in the best interests of the such recipients and according to the law.

The probate bond, therefore, protects the heirs of an estate and minors/disabled persons from acts of negligence and malfeasance in the administration of the affairs of the estate.




Qualifying for A Probate Bond




In addition to the standard questions asked of any applicant, a candidate for the Missouri probate bond may also be asked to furnish information regarding the following.

The determinant for this may be the value of the estate: The greater the value of the estate, the more likely you are going to be asked:

  • Your source(s) of income;
  • Banking statements;
  • Your net worth (defined as your assets minus your liabilities);
  • The type of investments, their current market value, and where such investments are held;
  • Questions about any unsatisfied debts, judgments, tax liens;
  • Whether you are party to a lawsuit or are involved in any bankruptcy proceeding;
  • Your credit

Other questions as they may relate to the underwriting of your probate bond.




Premium of the Bond and Its Duration




The premium for the probate bond represents a very small fraction of the overall surety bond amount. Once issued, the bond is active for one year and must be renewed annually for as long as you are the administrator or guardian of the estate, or the court so requires.

Options exist to prepay the probate bond for up to 4 years (for guardian of minors, up to 18 years, depending on the age of the minor). Prepayment of the surety bond premium offers a savings over year to year renewal of the bond.




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