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New Hampshire Injunction Bond

November 14, 2019

Up to and including a $25,000 amount, our agency offers clients the New Hampshire injunction bond without a credit inquiry; and for greater amounts at 2% of the amount required. AmeriPro Surety Bonds: 844-589-9732.

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New Hampshire – Preliminary Injunctions; Temporary Restraining Orders




An injunction bond is required of a Plaintiff on behalf of a Defendant(s). This type of bond is a court-mandated surety bond. Its purpose and the relevant statute relating to its requirement are discussed in more detail below.




Qualifying and the Premium




With our agency, any New Hampshire injunction bond up to and inclusive of a $25,000 surety bond amount is issued to you with streamlined processing.

By “streamlined processing,” we mean issued to you immediately without an underwriter review and a credit check, which can lengthen the approval process by several hours.

To issue your injunction bond to $25,000, we’ll need the following from you:

  • Completion of an application, which we’ll take verbally from you over the phone;
  • A copy of the Court Order stating the amount of the injunction surety bond required;
  • Payment of the premium.

With respect to this last, the premium amount is 2% of the bond amount required, subject to a minimum of $100.

For Amounts Greater than $25,000

All of the above apply to injunction bond amounts greater than $25,000. The biggest difference is that we’ll need a signed application from you, which allows us to run your credit. Surety bond agencies --- not just our own ---use “soft pulls” which will not adversely affect your credit score.

To be approved, good credit – personal or business – will be required. If approved, the premium rate will be 2%.

Once your bond is approved and the premium paid, our agency issues the bond to you immediately. Though your bond is required on behalf of the Plaintiff, the bond’s obligee (i.e. the entity requiring the surety bond) will have the Court’s name.

The bond is mailed to you regular mail. Overnight mailing is for an additional fee. Additionally, a copy of the completed bond can be emailed to you at your request.




Premium Payment Options




The premium associated with a New Hampshire injunction bond renews annually on the anniversary of its issuance for as long as the court requires this bond. It is not a onetime payment beyond a year.

At your choosing, options also exist to prepay your bond up to 3 years which will save you over renewing annually; however, if your bond is exonerated (i.e. released) before the end of the term, refunds in whole or part are not offered.




Purpose of Your Surety Bond




Rule 48 of the Superior Court of the State of New Hampshire gives the reasoning behind the injunction surety bond requirement.

As stated within the statute, the injunction bond is issued to cover any costs or damages sustained before a party who, it is subsequently determined, has been wrongly enjoined or restrained.




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