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Texas Garnishment Bond

October 2, 2018

A Texas garnishment bond is required in court proceedings to be purchased by the plaintiff to protect the loss of assets of a defendant should the latter prevail in the court proceedings. Call AmeriPro Surety Bonds today for your garnishment bond: 844-589-9732.

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Update April 2024:  Our MINIMUM surety bond requirement is $50,000 for the Texas garnishment surety bond.

Update 2020:  Our agency now provides the Texas garnishment bond for any amount up to $100,000, without a credit check inquiry.  Higher amounts are based upon approval of your credit and financial standing; good credit is also required. We no longer take collateral as an option.



Texas Garnishment Bond




A garnishment bond is a type of court surety bond mandated by the courts during certain proceedings.

Specifically, a Texas garnishment bond protects the defendant from the loss of any property or assets should the court judgment be eventually ruled in their favor.

The bond also becomes necessary when the court mandates its purchase as a condition of the court proceedings.

The plaintiff in the court proceeding is the purchaser of this surety bond.

Rule 658a Bond (1961) of The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure provides guidelines as to when the garnishment bond is required.



Texas Garnishment Bond: What It Does




In cases where a plaintiff garnishes the assets of a defendant prior to the rendering of a court judgment, there is always the risk that should the judgment be given in favor of the defendant, the defendant will have won their case --- but lost their property in the process because items have previously been garnished.

The Texas garnishment bond is designed to prevent this from occurring.

The bond is a financial guarantee, required by the court, that ensures that a defendant who wins the court case will be fully compensated for any loss of property, money, or assets, which were garnished by the plaintiff during or before the court proceedings.




Texas Garnishment Bond: The Amount of the Bond




With the above in mind, it is also the plaintiff who is required to the Texas garnishment bond.

Essentially, the plaintiff is providing the financial guarantee to the defendant to return the property, assets or money --- or its financial equivalent --- should the defendant win the case.

The amount of surety bond that the plaintiff is required to purchase will ultimately be determined by the court.

The plaintiff is required to purchase the surety bond in that exact amount.




Texas Garnishment Bond: The Cost of the Surety Bond




The price the plaintiff (also known as the principal) will pay for the Texas garnishment bond will depend on several factors.

The applicant will want to be aware that the following items will help determine the price of this surety bond:

  • Financial statements from the applicant. This may include checking and saving account balances, investments, stocks, bonds, etc. The net worth of the plaintiff may also be requested;
  •  The applicant’s credit score will be a factor in the price of the bond;
  • The applicant’s prior history with other surety bonds may also be a factor, if applicable.

Applicants with good credit scores may pay as little as 1% of the surety bond amount.

For example, a good credit applicant could pay as little as $1,500 for a $150,000 Texas garnishment bond.

Applicants for the same bond with poorer credit scores may pay substantially more; however, AmeriPro Surety Bonds will be able to get just about all candidates qualified for bonding.




Texas Garnishment Bond: Annual Renewal of Premium




Payment of the premium for a Texas garnishment bond is not necessarily a onetime payment.

Applicants should be aware that the premium for the garnishment bond renews on an annual basis for as long as the case is active.

It is important that the purchaser of this surety bond financially prepares themselves ahead of time for this annual bill, if the court proceedings last so long that renewal of the premium is required.




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