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Arizona Electronic Records Access Bond

July 10, 2018

Up to $50,000 surety bond, our agency offers you this electronic access surety bond immediately upon completing an application, and with no credit check. The premium is 1% annually ($100 minimum). We also offer options to prepay your bond amount up to 3 years for a savings. Please call us at 844-589-9732.

Arizona Electronic Records Access Bond

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Arizona Electronic Records Access


The Arizona Department of Transportation (hereafter, AZDOT) allows commercial, private businesses and other governmental agencies to have access to the state’s transportation system, along with license information about Arizona residents.

Approved applicants are given access to the following items:

  • Driver License information;
  • Motor Vehicle Records;
  • Title and registration records for Arizona registered vehicles



P.O. Box Address and Email of the Arizona Electronic Records Access:



According the to the AZDOT website, interested applicants are encouraged to contact the Department, in a letter format on company letterhead at the following address:

Motor Vehicle Division
Electronic Data Services Unit
P.O. Box 2100
MD 502M
Phoenix, AZ 85001
Phone: 602.712.7235
Fax: 602.712.3145


You mail also email the department at:  eds@azdot.gov.




Application for the Arizona Electronic Records Access




In addition to the contact information above, applicants for the AZDOT’s electronic records access, an application will need to be completed.


Their application is available in a pdf format online.



Surety Bond Amount Required For Your Arizona Electronic Records Access Bond



The AZDOT requires applicants for access to electronic motor vehicle records to post a surety bond for approval.

There is no pre-determined amount for the bond.

The amount for the bond is determined by a formula:


The number of records requested per month x $6.  That number multiplied by 3 is the amount of the surety bond required (this is as found on the application).



Cost of the Arizona Electronic Records Access Bond



The amount of this surety bond will depend, of course, on the amount required.  Applicants will pay a very small fraction of that amount, regardless of the overall dollar amount needed.

If there is a credit check involved, it is a “soft pull” check only.  This means that your overall credit score will not be affected by the credit inquiry.



Why the Arizona Electronic Access Records Bond is Required



The first thing to note is that this surety bond is not an insurance policy for the principal (the person or entity purchasing the bond).

The bond protects the state of Arizona and consumers from fraud and the illegal misuse of the information collected in association with the bond.

Unlike in an insurance policy, with a surety bond, any claims which are paid, must be fully recompensed by the principal.  This would include---were there ever a claim---any costs, attorney fees and interest fees, if applicable.



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