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Arizona PrePass Surety Bond

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PrePass Surety Bond



Prepass is an electronic system, used by an increasing number of states, including Arizona, which permits qualified trucks, or “motor carriers”, with the use of a transponder, to bypass weight stations while still ensuring that the truck meets all safety, weight, and other requisites.

Doing so allows for increased efficiency for motor carriers in the way of saving in time and money.

In addition, Prepass also permits truck drivers and motor carriers to pay tolls electronically, not unlike what is available for passenger vehicles.

You can read more here about Prepass.



What is the Gadget for Prepass?


Applicants who signup and receive Prepass are given a transponder which is placed inside the cabin of the motor carrier.



In a nutshell, how does the Prepass transponder work?



Normally, as a truck driver approaches a weight station, they are required to move to the right hand lane, and if the station is open, enter the weight station.

With the Prepass transponder, about a mile before the motor carrier reaches a signal is transmitted from the transponder and an AVI (Advanced Vehicle Identifier).

If the truck is given a clearance, a green light is emitted from the transponder, and the motor carrier can continue without stopping at the weight station.

If the truck is not given a clearance – or if the truck is being stopped for a random check — a red light is emitted and the driver will stop at the weight station.

Conveniently, a truck’s signal will continue to flash for 15 minutes after passing the weight station.  This will alert both the driver and any law enforcement officer, should the driver be pulled over, of the truck’s status.



PrePass Surety Bond



Applicants for PrePass may be required to purchase a surety bond.

The amount of the surety bond will be determined by the PrePass.


Who Will Need to Purchase a PrePass Surety Bond


If a trucking motor carrier company has more than 80 transponders,


Monthly toll charges of $10,000 or more,

And the company or motor carrier uses PrePass, a surety bond will be required.



Calculation of the Bond Amount Required



While you will want to first check with PrePass to confirm before purchasing any PrePass Surety Bond, the bond formula is determined as follows:

$125.00 X The number of Transponders

(100 transponders would require a surety bond of $12,500)

Applicants who are required to purchase a surety bond because they meet the $10,000 threshold amount but who do not have multiple vehicles, will be required to post a surety bond in an amount determined by PrePass.






Heavy Vehicle Electronic License Plate, Inc., HELP, may, at their judgement and discretion, assist those who are required to purchase a PrePass surety bond but for whatever reason are unable to bear the surety bond cost.

HELP can be reached at: 602.601.4779 and info@helpinc.us



Cost of the Surety Bond



Whatever the face amount of the surety bond required, applicants will only pay a small fraction of the bond.

Ultimately, the two criteria which will be required for the bond premium are the:

Amount of the surety bond required;


The applicant’s credit score.


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