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California Floating Home Bond

May 16, 2018

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A “floating home” bond: What is that exactly, and when would I ever need it?




A floating home bond, commercial coach, or a truck camper bond is required when a title to a mobile home or one of these other entities has been lost or is otherwise unobtainable and you are attempting to establish proof of ownership.

This bond can be considered along the lines of a lost instrument bond, but for a mobile home instead of a cashier’s check.

The California Department of Housing and Community Development will require the purchase of this bond.  Once received, they will issue you a new title.

Requirements of the California Dept. of Housing and Community Development:

Besides obtaining the surety bond (which must be in an amount equal to the value of the property), the CDHCD will want to know several things from the purchaser.  These are known as a “statement of facts”.

  • They'll want to know how the unit was taken—from whom it was acquired and when;
  • They’ll want to know what efforts were taken to contact the previous owner;
  • They’ll want to know the current market value of the home (the surety bond will need to be in this amount or in an amount greater than the value of the home).


Of note is that your California floating home bond protects either prior owners or subsequent owners should an issue with the title arise after its purchase.  It is not an "insurance policy" which protects you.

It is required, however, in order to gain title.



Obtaining your California floating home bond:




  • As mentioned above, the surety bond must be issued for an amount that is the current value of the home;
  • The name of the person purchasing the surety bond must have their name on the bond;
  • The bond must have a good description of the unit being covered, so as to allow the Department to verify it;
  • The bond must be issued for 3 years.



The Cost of a California Floating home Bond:




The purchase price of the floating home bond will be determined as a small percentage of the overall value of the home.

Bear in mind that the Department can determine the value for you and it might be wise to have them verify before the bond is purchased.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds will work with you to obtain your floating home bond.  As a surety bond only agency, we have the expertise to get your floating home bond issued to you for filing with the state of California.

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