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Florida Lost Instrument Bond

October 11, 2018

A Florida lost instrument bond can refer to a lost cashier's check, a lost promissory note, stock certificate, or some other financial instrument. Our agency provides them all! Call us today at 844-589-9732.

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Florida Lost Instrument




A “lost instrument” may refer to a cashier’s check, promissory note, money order, deed of trust, stock certificates, and other items.

More commonly, a Florida lost instrument bond refers to a lost cashier’s check.

Regardless of the lost or stolen instrument, AmeriPro Surety Bonds will provide you the Florida lost instrument bond you require.

We discuss cashier’s checks and promissory note below as they are among the more common.




Florida Lost Instrument: Lost Cashier’s Check




A cashier’s check offers the advantage of cash --- frequently there are no holds and the funds are available immediately --- with the advantage of a check ---the funds are designated to one person or entity.

Because of the nature of these instruments, their loss can pose a unique problem for you.

Unlike a personal or business check, payment cannot just be “stopped”, and the cashier’s check reissued as if nothing happened.




Florida Lost Cashier’s Check Bond: The Purpose




If you have lost a cashier’s check, you may have gone to the banking institution which issued the check to report the loss.

You may have to:

  • File a report;
  • Wait a number of days, usually between 30-90, depending on the bank’s regulations;
  • Obtain a surety bond for the amount of the lost cashier’s check.

The purpose of the lost cashier’s check bond is this:

It is required, after waiting the bank’s required period of time, before the bank will reissue a replacement check.

The bond is required to protect the bank.

Since a payment cannot be stopped on the original cashier’s check, the bond is a financial guarantee that protects the bank from paying twice on the same check --- the original check that was lost or stolen --- and now its replacement.

In the unlikely event that the cashier’s check is paid twice, the bank is covered by the surety bond – and you as the purchaser of the bond --- promise to reimburse the surety for any losses incurred as the result of a double payment.




Florida Lost Instrument Bond: The Cost




In the case of a lost cashier’s check bond, the price of the bond may be as little as 2% of the bond’s amount.

The amount you will pay, depending on the replacement amount of the cashier’s check, may be determined by a credit check.

Therefore, the amount you will be required to pay can vary greatly depending on your credit score.

The premium you pay, however, is a one time premium payment, and our agency will find you the best surety bond pricing.







Florida Lost Instrument Bond: Promissory Notes




Another type of Florida lost instrument bond is the Florida promissory note.

If you are required to obtain the a bond for lost instrument, it is required by Florida state statute, and deals with a mortgage foreclosure.

If a promissory note has been lost or stolen and the mortgage is in foreclosure, according to Statute 702.11 a Florida lost instrument bond for the note is required.

If you are required to obtain this note, the court will advise you of its requirement.

This type of lost instrument bond will have a bond amount:

  • Determined by the court overseeing the foreclosure proceedings;
  • For a time period that will cover the statute of limitations;
  • And, in an amount that can include interest, court costs, and fees.



Florida Lost Instrument Bond: Duration




Our agency will request any court order regarding this bond as this will help us to get exactly the bond amount, and time duration of the bond required by the court.




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