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Florida Sales and Use Tax Bond

October 24, 2018

The Florida sales and use tax bond is a bond required of certain businesses as a financial guarantee of maintaining tax compliance. AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers this bond for your company. 844-589-9732.

Florida Sales and Use Tax Bond

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Sales and Use Taxes in Florida




Florida businesses which are authorized to perform sales, rents, or leases, must also collect taxes from the proceeds of their activities. This includes businesses which are subject to fees and surcharges.

Businesses which fall under the definition are diverse in their nature and scope.

According to Chapter 212 of the Florida Statutes, business which fall under this category are required to obtain a Florida sales and use tax bond.




Florida Sales and Use Tax Bond: The Purpose of this Bond




The purpose of the Florida sales and use tax bond is simple enough: It guarantees that the state has a way to have taxes satisfied – up to the bond amount – if a business fails to pay the sales and use taxes required.

Furthermore, the bond may be used to satisfy delinquencies, interest, penalties, surcharges, and other fees which a business may accrue in relation to tax obligations to the state.

The sales and use tax surety bond serves, then, to protect the state of Florida who is its obligee, specifically, the Florida Department of Revenue.

Having the bond in place is a requirement in Florida.




Florida Sales and Use Tax Bond: Amount of Surety Bond Required




As there are many different industries for which this surety bond applies, the bond requirement amounts will also vary.

In all likelihood, you will need to contact the licensing authority for your industry or the Florida Department of Revenue to determine the amount of bond you are required to maintain with the state.




Florida Sales and Use Tax Bond: Purchasing the Bond and Its Cost




Perhaps the easiest way to qualify for your sales and use tax bond is to call our agency.

We can accept your application over the phone, and, depending on the size of the bond and when the call is received may perhaps have the bond issued to you within a few hours.

Bonds that may be larger may require more applicant information (usually as it relates to financial standing); however, the bond’s premium --- the price you will pay for the bond --- will be determined by the amount of surety bond required and any credit scores used.




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