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Florida Veterans Affairs Surety Bond

October 25, 2018

The Florida veterans affairs surety bond is required of court and non-court appointees who oversee the finances of veterans. AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers this bond in the amount you require: 844-589-9732. Up to and including $100,000, this bond is offered without a credit check inquiry.

Florida Veterans Affairs Surety Bond

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Court Appointed and Non-Court Appointed




Appointees of Veteran Finances




Being appointed as an overseer of a veteran and their finances is an awesome responsibility, and one that this court-appointed position (our agency also offers surety bonds for non-court appointments) is not to be taken lightly.

The court, in its judgment, believes that you can act best on behalf of the veteran; and doing that which is best for the veteran is what the court appointment, really, is all about.

As a condition of the appointment, the court may have asked you to obtain a surety bond. This type of surety bond is a fiduciary bond, since its purpose, again, is on behalf of the veteran; namely to protect the veteran’s finances.

If you have been appointed as guardian for a veteran, you may wish to read about the responsibilities involved in the veteran’s appointment, provided by the state of Florida.



Florida Veterans Affairs Surety Bond: Qualifying for this Bond




Up to and including $100,000 surety bond requirement, our agency now offers you this surety bond immediately and without a credit check, after completion of an application.  The application can be taken from you directly over the phone, and the bond is issued to you immediately after payment of the premium.

Currently, the premium is 1/2 of 1% of the surety bond amount required, with a minimum $100 premium.

For amounts greater than $100,000 --- even if by $1, you will be required to undergo a credit check.  Good credit will be required to be approved; however, the premium amount is the same rate.




Premium Prepayment Options




The premium for your veterans affair surety bond is issued for one year.  Thereafter, the bond and the premium and the surety bond alike renew for as long as the bond is required.  Our agency offers you prepayment of the premium options --- up to 3 years --- which will save you over renewal of the premium from one year to the next.  As the bond amount increases, the premium savings also increase.

Please discuss with us for more details.




Florida Veterans Affairs Surety Bond: The Purpose of this Bond’s Requirement




The purpose of the Florida veterans affair surety bond has one goal in mind: it is to protect the assets and finances of the veteran.

This surety bond protects the assets of the veterans from acts of fraud, theft, embezzlement, willful misconduct or mismanagement committed on the part of the court appointee or those who work on the guardian’s behalf.

The bond, as such, is not an insurance policy which protects the guardian/appointee of the court (or non-court appointee).

No; the bond is purchased by the guardian for the sole benefit of the veteran.




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