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Lost Stock Certificate Surety Bond

January 10, 2022

Transfer agents will sometimes require a lost stock certificate surety bond to replace missing or severely damaged stock certificates. AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers these certificate for your compliance for a fair, onetime premium. Up to a $100,000 surety bond requirement, we also do so without a credit check inquiry. Please call our agency today at:
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Lost Stock Certificates


(If you'd like, you may skip to our section on Qualifying and the Premium for how to get your lost securities bond. One should note that our premium rates are generally much more favorable than those offered by financial liaisons of the transfer agent.)

Nowadays, all, or practically all, stock and bond certificates are electronically issued.  With the growth and predominance of computer-based recording, maintenance, and transference of financial instruments, today electronic issuance and recordings of stocks certificates have become the default option.

There still is the choice, of course, to request the physical certificate of your stocks or bonds.  At one time, maintaining physical certificates was the norm, and in fact, the only way in which stock shares were held.

Even now, physical stock certificates are sometimes given as gifts, reflecting an almost nostalgic throwback to a bygone era. 

In any case, if you are reading this, there is the possibility that while you have had physical stock certificates, such certificates may have been lost or damaged to the point of being difficult or impossible to identify.

To obtain the replacement, a surety bond is required.


Transfer Agent:  Surety Bond Required to Issue Replacement Certificates


In an attempt to replace and re-register your missing stock certificates, a transfer agent such as Computershare or a similar company may require you to obtain an open ended surety bond for the nominal value of the lost certificate shares.

The surety bond is “open ended” because the value of your stocks fluctuate from trading day to trading day.  

But more importantly, in order to get the replacement certificates (electronic or physical), the transfer agent requires you to obtain a surety bond in amount reflective of the current approximate monetary value of the stock certificates.

The purpose of your lost stock certificate surety bond is simple:  This surety bond is required so that the transfer agent company does not incur any financial liability for missing stock certificates which may subsequently reappear and be reclaimed. 

The liability then is transferred from the transfer agent to the surety bond and you, as Principal of the bond.


Qualifying and the Premium

Qualifying for the lost stock certificate surety bond/lost securities surety bond is relatively easy.  Good credit is typically required for approval.

We will need the following from you:

  • A copy of the letter from the transfer agent.  This letter provides us with all of the information needed to be included on your lost stock certificate bond;
  • A completed application from you.  After taking some basic information from you (name, address, email address, and cellphone number), we’ll send you a pre-filled application from Docusign.  Docusign will allow you to sign, complete, and return your application electronically to our underwriters;
  • Depending on the amount of the bond, you may also be asked to provide a financial statement or information concerning your finances.
  • The underwriter review includes a credit check inquiry.  To be approved, good credit is required;
  • Upon approval, payment of the one time premium.


What Happens Next


After the approval of your lost stock certificate bond application and payment of the premium, your surety bond is issued to you immediately.  

Once received by mail, you’ll file your surety bond documents and any affidavit (provided by the transfer company, not our agency) to have the replacement stock certificates issued.


About Us


AmeriPro Surety Bonds is a surety bonds only agency.  In addition to lost securities surety bonds, we also provide lost certificate of titles and lost cashier’s check bonds.

We are a nationwide agency, serving all 50 states.  

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