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Michigan Manufactured Homes Certificate For Title Bond

March 4, 2019

In cases where a mobile home has been abandoned and a title cannot be located, a Michigan manufactured home certificate for title bond may be required. Up to $50,000, our agency offers you this bond without a credit inquiry. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds today at 844-589-9732.

Michigan Manufactured Home Certificate For Title Bond

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Manufactured Home Certificate For Title Bond - Michigan




In Michigan, when a mobile home has been abandoned and the owner or the manager wishes to take possession of the property, they are required to obtain a surety bond if the title to the home is also unavailable.

The surety bond allows the owner or manager to take ownership of the mobile home, while protecting the rights of the person who has abandoned their property.




Michigan Manufactured Home Certificate For Title Bond: The Amount Required




If you are required to obtain a manufactured home certificate for title bond, the amount of surety bond that you are required to purchase is TWO times the value of the mobile of which you wish to take possession.




Qualifying and the Premium

Up to and including a $50,000 surety bond requirement, our agency offers you the Michigan certificate for title surety bond immediately, at 2% of the amount required, or $100, whichever amount is greater.

When you call us, regardless of the amount required, we'll need you to provide us with all of the following:

  • The basics, of course, which will include your name, exactly as it should appear on your bond, along with your contact information to include your address, phone number, and email;
  • We'll need the year of the unit;
  • The size of the unit;
  • The unit serial number;
  • The make or brand name

After payment of the premium, our agency issues your surety bond to you immediately, along with a Power of Attorney form.  Only the original will be filed with the state.  Upon receipt by mail, you'll sign your bond as Principal, and then file it to:

State of Michigan, Department of Consumer & Industry Services

525 W. Ottawa

P.O. Box 30004

Lansing, MI 48909

Amounts Greater than $50,000

Surety bond amounts greater than $50,000 will require a signed and application.  As part of the underwriting process, a credit check will also be required.  Good credit will be required for approval, and the rate remains 2% of your surety bond amount.  The premium, regardless of the amount, is a onetime only payment.




The Purpose of Your Surety Bond




The primary purpose of the Michigan manufactured home certificate for title bond is to protect the financial interests of any prior or successive owners of the mobile home, should they be able to demonstrate that possession of the home was wrongly taken, thereby causing them a loss and financial harm.

As principal or owner of the surety bond, were a claim paid against your bond, you would shoulder the responsibility to reimburse the surety for all fees and costs paid against your bond.




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