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Pennsylvania Probate Bond

November 20, 2018

A Pennsylvania probate bond is a fiduciary bond used in the settlement of an estate. We offer this surety bond up to a $250,000 without a credit check inquiry. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds: 844-589-9732.

Pennsylvania Probate Bond

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Pennsylvania Probate Process



Update September 2020:  AmeriPro Surety Bonds now offers the Pennsylvania probate bond with no credit check, and a flat fee (depending on the bond's amount), up to $250,000.  

Probate has been defined as the act of proving a will.

The probate bond required of you is a type of fiduciary surety bond.

Commonwealth statutes relating to the requirement and issuance of the Pennsylvania probate bond are found under Title 20, Decedents, Estates, and Fiduciaries.




The Purpose of the Pennsylvania Probate Bond




If the court, will, or a family require you to obtain a probate bond, it is a big responsibility.

You are likely the trustee for an estate.

The bond, therefore, is for the protection of the estate and heirs; it is not for your protection, although you may also be an heir to an estate.

Specifically, the Pennsylvania probate bond is a guarantee that you will properly act, manage, and administer an estate which is in your care throughout probate proceedings.

More specifically, the bond protects heirs of an estate from acts of fraud, theft, willful misconduct, embezzlement of funds, which could conceivably be committed by a trustee in the administration of an estate.

The bond’s existence guarantees that should funds or property be mismanaged, heirs can be be financially compensated for the loss.




The Amount of A Pennsylvania Probate Bond




The amount of the Pennsylvania probate bond you are required to file will be determined by the court, usually in the form of a court order (you may have already been provided with a court order).

As a general rule, the amount of surety bond required will be at least equal to the value of the estate.

It is also possible that the court may take into consideration anticipated estate earnings in determining the bond amount required.

In any case, it will be helpful to submit to AmeriPro Surety Bonds a copy of the court order provided to you.

You may also submit a letter on the letterhead of legal counsel which states the amount of surety bond required.




Qualifying For a Pennsylvania Probate Bond




Beyond your basic run-of-the-mill application, as an applicant for the PA probate bond, you will be requested to provide additional information, particularly as it relates to your financial standing.

A credit check is also standard fare.

You can be expect to be requested to provide information regarding the following:

  • Monthly and annual income, as also the sources of your income;
  • Cash on hand in checking and savings accounts, and at which banking institutions those accounts are held;
  • Your net worth – defined as liabilities minus assets;
  • Real property owned, both alone as with others;
  • Investments—their nature, the types, and their current market value. Also where such investments are held.
  • Any additional information requested as part of the application process.



Premium And Duration of Your Pennsylvania Probate Bond




The premium, which is the cost for the probate bond’s issuance, will be determined by the amount required, and information obtained from a credit report.

We emphasize that the premium is not a onetime payment. For as long as the estate is active and the bond is required, that premium amount will renew annually.




AmerirPro Surety Bonds




AmeriPro Surety Bonds is a surety bonds-only agency providing surety bonds throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

We are committed to making obtaining your probate bond as easy and as pleasant as possible

We are also perfectly aware that you may not have ever heard or known of the existence of a probate bond.

Our agency thanks you for your consideration and we are honored to work with you.

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