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Washington Professional Boxing Bond

June 4, 2018

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This article is specifically written in reference to promoters of boxing, MMA, and martial arts events; and the surety bonds which may be required, pursuant to Washington state law.

Participants of these events are not referred to in this article, and as of the time of this writing, are not required to obtain a surety bond.


Boxing/Martial Arts/Wrestling Promoters in Washington


In Washington State, if you act as a promoter of any the following sporting events:

  • Professional boxing
  • Martial arts
  • MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
  • Wrestling
  • Events broadcast over closed-circuit television,

Then, in addition to be registered with Washington State, you will also be required to purchase a surety bond.




Washington State maintains the following fees for registering as a promoter of fighting events:

  • Boxing and Martial Arts, $500
  • Wrestling, $200

Promoters must also pay to Washington state the following fees:

  • 6% of gross receipts paid, plus $1 per ticket sold, with a minimum fee of $25 and no maximum fee.


Surety Bond Requirements for Promoters


In addition to a requirement of at least $50,000 medical insurance, promoters of these fighting events are also required to purchase a surety bond.


The Surety Bond for MMA, Boxing, and Martial Arts Promoters


Promoters are required to purchase a surety bond that will guarantee the payment of taxes in connection with the event.

The bond also serves as a guarantee that the promoters will pay all officials, honor all contracts, and comply with all Washington rules governing this sports promotion.


Amount of the Surety Bond


The minimum amount for this surety bond is $10,000; however, the amount a promoter will be required to purchase will be determined by the Washington Department of Licensing.

No ceiling or maximum on that amount is provided by the Department in its legislation.


Cost of A Washington Promoter Surety Bond


While the cost of the Washington MMA, martial arts, or professional boxing promoter bond will be at least $10,000, and, possibly much higher, the price you will pay for the bond will be a fraction of that amount.

As a rough guideline, the cost of the bond will largely be determined by:

  • The bond amount;
  • The credit score of any applicant

It is possible that in addition to the above, the amount may be determined also by:

  • Personal or corporate financials


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