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The California milk handler bond is a requirement of licensees by the CA Department of Food and Agriculture. The bond is issued to you within minutes of calling our agency. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds at 844-589-9732.

California Milk Handler Bond

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Licensing of CA Milk Handlers; Surety Bond Amount Required




California milk handlers are regulated by the state’s Department of Food and Agriculture. A condition of licensing is that you obtain a surety bond in the appropriate amount.

The amount of the surety bond you are required to purchase is determined by the average daily amount of purchase from milk producers.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Less than 1000 gallons – $5000 surety bond;
  • 1000 to under 4000 gallons – $10,000 surety bond;
  • 4000 to under 8000 gallons – $15,000 surety bond;
  • 8000 gallons and more – $20,000 surety bond.

Therefore, the surety bond amount is between $5,000 and $20,000.




Qualifying and the Premium




You are automatically approved for the California milk handler license bond in whatever amount you require up to and including $20,000.

This is because our agency offer this surety bond to you without a credit check inquiry.

When you call us, we’ll take the application from you over the phone. In addition to your name and address, email and phone number, we’ll also need your Department number and location of plants.

These last two items will also appear on your surety bond.

The breakdowns in annual premium dues are as follows:

  • $5000 surety bond – $100 premium;
  • $10,000 surety bond – $150 premium;
  • $15,000 surety bond – $225 premium;
  • $20,000 surety bond – $300 premium

After payment of the premium, your milk handler license bond is issue to you immediately. In the mail, you’ll receive the following:

  • Your surety bond, which you’ll need to sign as Principal;
  • A notarized jurat form by us as Surety;
  • A Power of Attorney form.




Where to File Your Surety Bond




You’ll file all completed original documents received from us by mail to:

State of California

Department of Food & Agriculture

1220 N Street, Suite A-247

Sacramento, CA 95814




Purpose Of Your Surety Bond




The milk handler surety bond is a financial guarantee that you’ll comply with all regulations concerning your profession.

More specifically, these regulations concern your compliance with Division 21, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2, as amended.




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