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Notary Public Bond California

What is a California Notary Public Bond?

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The California notary public bond is a $15,000 surety bond. The bond is an “Instant Issue” bond. This means that there is no underwriting nor a credit check involved in its purchase.  Once purchased, only the original, signed copy of your notary bond can be filed with your local county office, not an emailed copy or printed copy of the bond. Please call our agency today at 844-589-9732.

Please note:  AmeriPro Surety Bonds is an online-only surety agency; there is no physical location to which you may “go to pick up” your notary surety bond.  All business is conducted online, email, and by mail only.  Thank you.

California Notary Bond


A notary bond is a bond that is required by the state of California to engage in the business of witnessing signatures on documents.  Notaries exist primarily as a deterrent to potential acts of fraud.  The notary bond, besides being required, allows you to operate anywhere within the state of California.  California notaries fall under the jurisdiction of the California Secretary of State.

So what is a notary bond, exactly?

A notary bond is a surety policy which protects others, — the public — from acts of fraud, criminal misconduct, or malfeasance in their duties as a notary.  This surety bond exists solely for the protection of the public; it does not protect the notary at all.

The bond’s existence allows for persons who suffer harm due to the wrongful acts of a notary to file a claim on the bond to recover damages up to the bond’s $15,000 amount.  Were a claim to be paid on the surety bond, it is the responsibility of the licensed notary to reimburse the surety for all costs involved.


A quick note:  To get your California notary bond quickly, fill out completely the online form below with your address.  *You MUST also include the date of your commission from the Secretary of State AND the County where the bond is to be filed.*  Once received by our agency, we will process the application and send you a link via email (check your spam) to pay for your bond.  When you pay, you can choose how you want the bond shipped (i.e. regular mail for free or next day for an extra fee).  The bond will be shipped immediately!



Preparing for the Notary Exam



Applicants for the notary bond may want to consider having a “leg up”, even before taking the notary course — if they choose to do so in the class.  The 2019 California notary public handbook can be a helpful guide; however, you may wish to do an online search for any updated editions.


A California Notary Bond is an “Instant Issue” Bond:  Pay the Fee and the Bond is Yours!





AmeriPro Surety Bonds,  a surety bond agency serving California and all 50 states, offers the notary public bond as an Instant Issue Bond.  This means that this bond is issued to you on completion of the application and payment of the small premium of $50.  This also means that there is no credit check!  In other words, once you complete the application and pay your premium, the California notary bond is yours!





Pricing for a California Notary Bond and the E&O Insurance Option:




The following are the pricing options for a California notary bond.  Whereas the notary bond protects the public, and not the notary, E&O insurance protects the notary from unintentional mistakes made in notarizing documents.

  • $50.00, a onetime fee for your 4 year term without E&O insurance;
  • $90.00 for your notary bond along with $10,000 errors and omissions insurance;
  • $110.00 for your bond along with $20,000 errors and omissions insurance;
  • $130.00 for your bond alone with $30,000 E&O insurance.



Term of a California Notary Bond Commission


California notary bonds are issued for a period of 4 yrs and the bond amount is $15,000.  The premium is a onetime payment for the duration of the commission.


Please call our agency today for your notary bond.  It will be one of the easiest things you do all day!




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