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Fish & Game License Bond California


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California Fish & Game Guide License:

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife defines a guide as:

“Any resident [or nonresident] who engages in the business of guiding or packing, or who acts as a guide for any consideration or compensation at all…”  Such persons, “…must first secure a guide license from the Department.”

Fees for a California Fish & Game License:

Residents of California pay a fee of $222.22; nonresidents pay a fee of $511.25.

These fees may change and are currently valid from February 1, 2018 through January 31, 2019.  You may visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website for any possible fee changes or changes in licensing requirements.

The California Fish & Game License Surety Bond:

Persons who are engaged in the business of acting as a California fish and game license guide, must in addition to an application and registration fee, obtain a surety bond for $1000.00.

What is a California Fish & Game License Surety Bond?

A California fish and game license surety bond is not insurance for the licensee.  This surety bond protects customers of the licensee against negligently wrong or harmful acts committed by the licensee in the performance of their duties while acting as a guide.

This surety bond, then, besides being required, serves as a measure of protection for customers of the guide.

Unlike an insurance policy, however, any payments for claims made by the surety company must be fully repaid by the licensee (also known as the principal).

How much is a California Fish & Game License surety bond?

AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers this surety bond as an Instant Issue Bond.

This means that there is only the application to be filled out (which we can do with you over the phone) along with payment of the premium.  There is no credit check or formal underwriting.

The premium fee for this $1,000 surety bond is only $50!

We will have your bond issued to you immediately for filing with the State of California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Really, this bond can be purchased in a short matter of minutes through our office.

Contact AmeriPro Surety Bonds today for your California Fish and Wildlife surety bond.

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