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Iowa Certificate of Title Bond

September 18, 2019

Up to and including a $50,000 Iowa certificate of title bond, our agency issues the bond immediately after an application, with no credit inquiry. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds today at 844-589-9732.

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Certificate of Title Bond – Iowa Department of Transportation




An Iowa bonded certificate of title may be required when the title to a vehicle has been lost, destroyed or is otherwise unavailable. The bond, when issued, allows a title to be issued for you. This type of title is known as a “bonded title”.

The Iowa county treasurer may require a surety bond as a condition of registering your vehicle when proper documents cannot be otherwise located.  Obtaining the surety bond required is very easy through our agency. For the majority of our customers, the time it takes to obtain a surety bond is just a few minutes.




Calculating the Surety Bond Amount Needed




The Iowa Department of Transportation takes any confusion from you regarding the amount of surety required.  They will calculate the amount required for you. Currently, the Department uses the following formula:

The current value of your vehicle as determined by the Department X one and one half (1.5).




Qualifying and the Premium




Up to and including a $50,000 Iowa certificate of title bond needed, our agency provides this bond to you after completion of an application and payment of a onetime premium.

The premium, subject to a minimum of $100, is 1% of the bond’s amount. There is no credit check nor underwriter review for any bonded title up to $50,000.

Amounts greater than $50,000 (even if by $1) will be subject to an underwriter review and a credit inquiry. The amount of premium required will be 1% of the surety bond amount and an applicant will need to have good credit to qualify.

Regardless of the amount of surety required, the premium is a onetime payment.

Once the premium has been paid, the bond is issued to you immediately. A copy of the bond can be sent to you by email. The original bond which you will sign as Principal will be sent to you by the following business day. The Power of Attorney will accompany your bond form as well.




Items Needed to get Your Iowa Vehicle Bonded




To get your bonded title, we will take a standard surety bond application from you over the phone. The following items will be needed to obtain your bond. Please have them ready when you call:

  • The county in which you live;
  • The Iowa city where the bond is being executed;
  • Your vehicle make;
  • Your vehicle style;
  • The vehicle’s year;
  • Your vehicle’s VIN;
  • Your Vehicle’s book value.



The Purpose of Your Surety Bond




The purpose of the surety bond is to protect the Department of Transportation for:

  • Any person who sustains injury (i.e., a loss) due to any act or omission which this bond covers;
  • And, Chapter 321.24 of Iowa’s statutes.



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