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Ohio - Brook Park Contractor Bond

December 19, 2018

The Brook Park contractor bond is a $25,000 surety bond required of contractors and subcontractors. Please call us today:  844-589-9732.

Brook Park Contractor Bond

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Brook Park - Contractors




According to city ordinance, any contractor or subcontractor operating in Brook Park, Ohio, must register with the city, provide a certificate of insurance, and obtain a $25,000 Brook Park contractor bond.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers this contractor bond as both a new (first time) and renewal surety bond.




Brook Park Contractor Bond – The Purpose




The purpose of the Brook Park contractor bond is a financial guarantee that work done by you as a contractor or subcontractor in the city will be done according to City Code.

The bond also protects against incomplete work or work done in a manner not in conformity with the Code. The protection offered by this bond extends to not only the bonded contractor or subcontractor, but any employees of the same.

However, your contractor bond is not an insurance policy; it is a surety.

What this means is that in the highly unlikely event that a claim should be paid on your bond, you will be financially liable to reimburse the surety for all costs and fees in the resolution of your claim.




Brook Park Contractor Bond – Duration and Premium




By city statute, the Brook Park contractor bond expires each year on December 31st, regardless of when the bond is active. The city allows no continuous surety bond.

Our surety will send a reminder well ahead of time of the bond’s upcoming renewal; however, ultimately it is always your duty to keep a currently active bond on file.

The Premium

The premium for the Brook Park contractor bond is exceptionally reasonable and may be as low as $125 annually.

The amount you will pay, however, will ultimately be determined by information provided on your application.

You may complete the application over the phone with one of our agents, which only takes a few minutes.




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