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Ohio - Olmsted Township Contractor Bond

January 14, 2019

The Olmsted Township contractor bond is a $10k surety bond whose annual price is just $100. Please call our agency today: 844-589-9732.

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Olmsted Township Contractors




Contractors who transact contracting work in Olmsted Township, must be registered, licensed with the city, and pay a $100 registration fee.

Contractors must also furnish the city with a $10,000 surety bond on behalf of the township and its residents.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers the Olmsted Township contractor bond as both a new surety bond and for those who wish to renew a bond that has or is about to expire.




Olmsted Township Contractors: Contractor Specialties




Contractors of various specialties are required to obtain a Olmsted Township contractor bond. Below, we list many of these specialties.

These include:

  • Alarm contractors;
  • Asbestos contractors;
  • Asphalt;
  • Carpentry;
  • Communication wiring;
  • Concrete;
  • Demolition;
  • Drywall;
  • Electrical;
  • Excavating;
  • Fence;
  • Fire
  • HVAC;
  • Plumbing;
  • Sprinler;
  • Swimming pool;

and many others.

If you are unsure whether you require a surety bond, you may contact the Olmsted Township Building Department at 440-235-4255.




Olmsted Township Contractor Bond: The Purpose




The Olmsted Township contractor bond is a financial guarantee – on behalf of the city and its residents --- that contractors will conduct their contracting work according to the laws of the township and the state of Ohio.

By means of this surety bond, the city is held harmless for the failure to abide by standards and contracting norms, and which results in some harm.

The bond, therefore, is not an insurance policy.

Since it is a surety, if a claim were filed against your surety bond and paid to the city, it is your legal obligation to reimburse the surety in full for all costs and fees involved in the settlement of any claim.




The Premium and Term for The Olmsted Township Contractor Bond




The $10,000 Olmsted Township contractor bond will cost you just $100 annually.

There is no underwriting and there is no credit check involved in the purchase of this bond.

Once issued, the Olmsted contractor bond expires on December 31st of the year in which the bond is issued.




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