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Pennsylvania Card Agent Bond

November 16, 2018

The card agent surety bond is a $3,000 bond and yours for $100. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds today: 844-589-9732.

Pennsylvania Card Agent Bond

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Pennsylvania Card Agents




Pennsylvania card agents participate with the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles in issuing temporary registration cards to residents of the Commonwealth.

As a private business, card agents are allowed to charge additional fees for their services.

Besides being a licensed notary, a card agent must also obtain a $3,000 Pennsylvania card agent surety bond.




Pennsylvania Card Agent: The Purpose of the Surety Bond


As a licensed card agent, you are acting in a licensed fiduciary capacity to issue registration cards which are every bit as legal as those issued directly by PennDot.

It is a big responsibility.

The card agent surety bond, therefore, is a financial guarantee that you will always conduct your business and professional duties in a manner consistent with statutory rules.

The bond protects the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and PennDot, from any acts of fraud, theft, or criminal malfeasance committed by a licensed card agent, any owners, managers, or employees, in the course of their professionally-related duties.

The bond guarantees that those who can demonstrate financial harm by a licensed card agent can be reimbursed for any harm up to the bond’s face amount (in total, not per person).

But, your Pennsylvania card agent bond is not an insurance policy.

Should any claim be paid on your surety bond, it becomes your legal responsibility to reimburse the surety for all costs involved in satisfying that claim.




Pennsylvania Card Agent Bond: The Premium and Renewal




Your $3000 card agent bond is an easy bond to qualify for.

You will merely fill out an application (which we can accept directly over the phone--- it’s faster), and pay your surety bond premium fee.

This surety bond is an instant issue bond.

The premium for this surety bond in the great vast majority of cases will be $100.00.

Once issued, you will need to keep the surety bond active. It is not a onetime fee.

The premium for the card agent bond renews annually.




Becoming a PA Card Agent




Besides the surety bond, to become a card agent in Pennsylvania, an applicant must:

  • Be a notary;
  • Submit to a criminal background check as part of the application process;
  • Enter into a contract with PennDOT;
  • Have a security plan;
  • Participate in a recovery fund.

The Pennsylvania card agent packet goes into complete detail regarding all responsibilities involved in the card agent license.




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