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Washington Employment Agency Bond

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Washington Employment Agencies

For purposes of securing a surety bond, the definition of a Washington state employment agency does not include “temp employment agencies”.

Washington state employment agencies refer to those employment services, who, for a fee paid by the job seeker,  find clients employment in the state.

Also excluded from this definition in Washington state are:  labor unions, guidance counseling centers, and theater agencies.

Becoming Licensed as an Employment Agency in Washington State

A general manager of a Washington state employment agency must, in addition to registering with the state, pass a qualifying examination.

Employment agencies must also complete a business application.

Fees to Become a Washington state employment agency

The fee for the General manager exam is $150.

Also, there is a non-refundable $19 business application fee for Washington state employment agencies business applications.

Additionally, the main office fee licensing fee is $783.

Branch office licensing fees are $540.

Finally, Washington state requires employment agencies falling under this definition to post a $2,000 surety bond.

This bond, along with all other paperwork must be submitted with the application and mailed to:

State of Washington

Business Licensing Service

P.O. Box 9034

Olympia, WA 98507

$2,000 Washington State Employment Agency Bond

The Washington state surety bond is a guarantee by the principal (person purchasing the bond) that they will perform their duties as a licensed Washington state employment agency in accordance with the law.

The bond is issued on behalf of the state of Washington to protect the people of Washington state from any acts of fraud, criminal negligence or other forms of malfeasance committed by the employment agency company.

The bond, therefore, is not insurance for the employment agency; it strictly acts as a guarantee to protect the public.

The Washington State employment agency bond costs $100.00

The cost for the $2,000 Washington state bond is just $100.  The bond is active for a time concurrent with your license.

This $2,000 bond is also an “instant issue” bond with AmeriPro Surety Bonds.

“Instant issue” means that there is no formal underwriting or a background check:  Merely complete the surety bond application (we’ll help you do this), pay the $100 fee, and the bond is issued to you for filing with Washington state.

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