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Washington Lost Title Bond

June 1, 2018

AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers you the Washington lost title bond for 1% of the bond’s amount, or $100 — whichever amount is greater. The bond issued to you without a credit check inquiry for ANY amount up to and including $50,000 surety bond requirement. Please call our agency today at:                 844-589-9732.


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Washington Lost Title Bond


This article refers to lost vehicle titles in Washington State, otherwise known as “ownership in doubt”, and the procedures required to gain title to a vehicle.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds also provides lost title bonds as it refers to cashier’s check, money orders and other financials, in the articles linked; however, the subject of this article refers to lost titles to motor vehicles in Washington State.

In any case, AmeriPro Surety Bonds provides surety bonds of all types in Washington state as you may require.


Cost of the Bond:

For any amount up to and including $50,000, our agency offers you this the lost title bond for 1% of the bond amount or $100, whichever amount is greater.  We offer this to you immediately after completion of an application, with no credit check.

Amounts greater than $50,000 will still qualify for the 1% amount, upon approval of your good credit.

The lost title bond amount is issued for 1.5 times the value of the vehicle.  The Washington DMV will typically be the Department to tell you the bond amount that you will need to purchase.  It might be the wiser course of action to have them do so, so as to prevent any potential rejection of the bond.

The premium paid is a onetime payment only, good for the life of your surety bond.



Ownership In Doubt


In Washington, an ‘ownership in doubt’ occurs when ownership of a title to a vehicle or a proof of release of interest is unable to be demonstrated.

This definition, however, excludes the following types of vehicles:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Snowmobiles
  • “Unauthorized” vehicles
  • Dealer sales

‘Ownership in doubt’ may occur when:

  • You own a vehicle by purchase, but were never given title to the vehicle;
  • You lost title to a vehicle before it could be registered to you;
  • There is some other mix-up in the titling of the vehicle.

Contact the WA Department of Motor Vehicles


You do not want to decide on your own whether or not you will need a bonded title; you want to let the WA DMV tell you that a Washington lost title bond is required.

If you are required to be bonded, you will first need to do several things:

Send a Certified Letter to the Prior Owner, if you are able to do so:

The DMV will need a copy the original of the certified letter or registered letter to the prior owner of record, including a return receipt:

  1. Included in the letter must be a request for a certified release of interest in the vehicle (the title), or a notarized certified release of interest in the vehicle;
  2. If the letter is returned as undelivered, then that letter, unopened, must be submitted along with the application to the Washington DMV;
  3. If the letter is not responded to before the application, the applicant for a lost title bond must wait fifteen (15) days from receipt of the letter;
  4. Proof of the VIN (vehicle identification number). This can be by photograph (make sure all numbers are clearly visible.  The VIN number may also be etched and submitted as proof);
  5. Application for a title to the vehicle;
  6. Any other conditions that the DMV may determine;


  1. Purchase and submission of a surety bond to the Washington Department of Motor Vehicles, which is issued for 3 years, if there is no response from any prior owners.


Lost Title Washington Vehicle Bond


Once the above conditions have been fully complied with and there is still no proof of vehicle ownership, a Washington lost title surety bond will need to be purchased.

The bond is not a liability insurance policy for the buyer of the surety bond.

Who the WA Lost Title Surety Bond Protects


The lost title surety bond protects previous owners of the vehicle, as well as future owners (the bond, once accepted, gives you the right to sell the vehicle).

If a previous owner should be discovered and come forth, they may file a claim on the bond.

In such a case, either the vehicle is returned to the original owner or a claim is paid on the bond.

However---and please note---any claims paid on a bond, including any additional fees, must be repaid by the purchaser of the bond.

The bond protects prior and any future owners of the vehicle, not the buyer of the surety bond.



What Happens When the Title Is Issued


In Washington State, when a bonded title is issued for a vehicle owner who has met the above conditions the title itself will declare in very clear wording that it is “Bonded”.

Any potential subsequent owners will know that the vehicle purchased has a bonded title attached.

After the expiration of the bond, if no claim is made, then the bondholder should receive, or may apply for, a non-bonded title to the vehicle.

Getting a Washington Lost Title Bond


While this might all seem rather involved, it is not as complicated as it may seem.

The state of Washington is only trying to protect transfer of vehicle ownership from any acts of fraud or legal wrangling when ownership cannot be clearly established.

Also, in addition to this article, when you visit the local DMV office (or if you already have), they will provide you with all of the information as to exactly what must be done, including contacting any lien holders of the vehicle.


AmeriPro Surety Bonds and Your Washington Lost title bond


AmeriPro Surety Bonds is a surety-bonds only agency, providing lost title, contract, license and permit, and fiduciary bonds in Washington and all 50 states.

The process of obtaining your Washington lost title bond is rather easy, and the amount is surprisingly a small fraction of the bond purchased.


Call us and speak with a helpful agent today at:  844-589-9732.



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