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Airline Reporting Corporation Bond (ARC Bond)

August 23, 2021

The airline reporting corporation bond serves as a financial guarantee for the ARC that your travel agency will remit payments owed in a timely manner. The bond is initially a $20,000 surety amount; subsequent year amounts may vary. The premium is determined by your credit score. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds at

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Surety Bond - Purpose and Amount


An Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) bond allows you, as Principal, to operate as a travel agency which has the ability to offer airline tickets.

The surety bond serves as a financial guarantee for the Airline Corporation that you will both properly and in a timely manner remit all money owed earned selling these tickets to the Airline Corporation.

Initially, the amount of your ARC surety bond is $20,000; however, in subsequent years, the amount required may vary.  The Airline Corporation, the obligee on this bond, will provide that amount to you. 


Qualifying and the Premium


Our agency offers you the Airline Reporting Corporation bond in the amount that the obligee requires of you and your agency.

Qualifying is relatively easy.  When you call our agency, we’ll take a short, concise surety bond  application from you verbally by phone.

Your completed application is then submitted to a surety bond underwriter.  Review and approval of your application include a credit check inquiry; and the amount of your premium will largely be based on your credit score.

The credit check inquiry used by our agency (and, in fact, all surety agencies) is a “soft inquiry” which means that it has no impact on your credit score.


Issuing Your Bond


Upon approval, we’ll notify you of the premium.  Once the premium payment is made, your bond is issued to you immediately.  Your bond is issued for a period of one year.

The original surety bond is signed by us as Surety; and upon receipt by you in the mail, you’ll sign your bond as Principal.

It will be your responsibility to file the completed surety bond documents with the Airlines Reporting Corporation


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