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Alabama Notary Bond

July 31, 2019

The $25,000 Alabama notary bond is a $50 surety bond which is issued immediately after an application and receipt of premium. There is no credit check for this surety bond. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds today at:            844-589-9732.

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Notary Public Bond – Alabama




Of all the states which require notaries to first obtain a surety bond – all states have notaries, of course, but not all states require notaries to be bonded – Alabama has the highest notary surety bond dollar amount ---$25,000.

Fortunately, the price of the $25,000 Alabama notary bond is just $50 for the 4 year term.

And while Alabama requires notaries to be bonded before engaging in notarial acts, the Alabama Secretary of State does not formally “commission” notaries. Instead, this is handled by the probate judge in the county in which you live who in turn will report your identifying information to the Secretary.

An Alabama probate judge grants your commission for 4 years.




Obtaining Your Alabama Notary Surety Bond




Obtaining the notary surety bond is a quick and easy process.

We will take an application over the phone from you. The application is simple, and largely consists of asking you for identifying information. There is no credit check nor an underwriting review for the Alabama notary bond. Once complete, our agency will either take the payment from you over the phone or send you a link where you can make the payment on your own.

The premium payment of $50 is a one time payment for your 4 year commission.

Once the application is completed and the payment is made, the bond is issued to you. While we can provide an emailed copy of the bond for your review, it is the original bond which you want to file with the probate court (and sign as Principal).




The Purpose of Your Notary Bond




While required of you, the purpose of the notary bond is for the protection of those for whom you perform notarial acts. As such, the bond does not protect you at all.  Instead, the bond protects consumers (i.e. the public, essentially) from any acts of fraud or malfeasance committed by a licensed Alabama notary.

Errors and omissions insurance is insurance which protects the notary. We offer that as well for those who are becoming licensed; however, it is not a requirement to be licensed with the state of Alabama.




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