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Arizona Barbering School Bond

July 24, 2018

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Arizona Barbering Schools: Jurisdiction



Licensed Arizona barber schools come under the authority of the Arizona Board of Barbers, whose stated mission is “...to preserve the public health and welfare through the welfare and enforcement of...laws governing barbers and barbering establishments.”



Becoming Licensed as an Arizona Barber School



Persons who are already licensed as a barbering school may want to skip this section, especially if they are needing to renew a bond, or purchase a new bond for an existing barbering school.

Some requirements of Arizona barbering schools include:

  • Barbering schools are required to filed an application, to be determined by the Arizona Barber Board, along with appropriate fees;
  • At least 1500 hours of instruction are required, but no more than 8 hours within a single day;
  • At least 250 hours are dedicated to the instruction of hygiene as it relates to barbering; sterilization techniques, including diseases of the skin and hair; structure of the head, and the like;
  • At least 1250 hours of barbering school will be devoted to hair cutting, shaving, and massaging of the scalp and neck;
  • Students shall have their own locker spaces;
  • Students shall not teach each other; they will only be taught be licensed instructors;
  • Students will be required to pass an exam in each phase as they go through barbering school
  • Other considerations can be found here
  • Finally, before a license is issued, an inspection will be required.

A 25,000 surety bond is also required before a barber license is granted:



Arizona Barbering School Bond



The Arizona Barber Board requires a $25,000 surety bond to be issued in its favor.

The surety bond is not a form of insurance for the barbering school, nor should it be thought of as such.

The bond is, rather, a guarantee, that the barbering school will be in compliance with all laws governing Arizona barbering.

The bond, then, acts as a protection for the state of Arizona against any acts of fraud, malfeasance, or willful criminal activity, a barbering school might commit in the performance of their duties.

Should a claim ever be paid on a barbering school bond, it would be the responsibility of the barbering school to fully reimburse the surety company for all amounts paid, including, interest, attorney fees and costs, if applicable.



Three Sides to an Arizona Barbering School Bond


An Arizona barbering school surety bond will have three “parties” to the contract:

There is the principal. The principal is the purchaser of the surety bond, in this case, the barbering school, who is thereby guaranteeing that they will abide by all regulations governing Arizona barbering.

There is the obligee. The obligee is the person or entity which is requires that the surety bond be purchased. In this case, the obligee is the Arizona Barber Board.

Finally there is the surety. The surety is the company which has the financial wherewithal to guarantee payment on the bond should circumstances so dictate. AmeriPro Surety Bonds is agent -- and your contact -- for the surety company.



Cost of the Arizona Barbering School Bond



While the surety bond amount required for an Arizona barbering school is $25,000, applicants, of course will pay nowhere near that amount.

The amount of the surety bond will be determined by a soft-inquiry credit check. The credit check will not adversely affect an applicant’s credit score.

Once issued, the bond is immediately mailed to you for appropriate filing.

A copy of the bond can be sent beforehand, if you request.

For those with below average credit scores, we encourage you to contact our office.

We will work to get the best pricing available; however, please be prepared to pay a higher premium. How much higher the premium will be, will be contingent on your credit score.



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