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Arizona DMEPOS Bond


Arizona DMEPOS Bond | AmeriPro Surety Bonds

Also known as a Medicare Bond or a Medicaid Bond



What is DMEPOS?



DMEPOS is an abbreviation which refers to durable, medical, equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies.

This federally mandated program, which comes under the jurisdiction of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services , allows private businesses to participate in the supplying of medicare and medicaid (if the state has the latter program; not all do) equipment to patients who participate in either of these programs.


Why is there an Arizona DMEPOS Bond?



A DMEPOS bond is actually required in all 50 states for non-exempt medicare and medicaid medical supplies; it is not unique to Arizona alone.

The bond was required in the wake of frequent occurrences of fraud and willful criminal activity in the billing of medicare and medicaid equipment.

Instances of fraud frequently involved over billing by businesses to the federal government which totaled in the many millions of dollars.

Since 2009,  this bond has been required for non-exempt businesses to participate in the program.



The Amount of an Arizona DMEPOS Bond



The amount for an Arizona DMEPOS bond will have a floor or a minimum of $50,000. It will never be less than $50,000.

The amount may be higher under some conditions.

For instance, a supplier with 10 National Provider Identifiers (NPI’s) would be required to obtain a $500,000 surety bond ($50,000 surety bond for each location).



Who would be Exempt from an Arizona DMEPOS Bond



Exempt from these bond requirements would be suppliers who are government-owned; physicians who supply only to their own patients as part of their business; and businesses which manufacture prosthetics and orthotics.



Cost of an Arizona DMEPOS Bond



The cost of the Arizona DMEPOS surety bond will depend on the following factors:

* The amount of the bond required. While the minimum amount for the bond will be $50,000, as noted above, the amount a principal may be required to purchase may be substantially higher;

* The applicant credit score.



Arizona DMEPOS Bond – Low Credit Score Applicants



We encourage applicants with all credit score ranges to contact AmeriPro Surety Bonds.

While applicants with below average credit scores will, unfortunately, pay more for the DMEPOS surety bond, our agency is committed to finding you the best pricing based on your credit score.

Please do not be embarrassed to call us.

Our goal is to help you get the surety bond you need when you need it, not make your life more difficult!


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