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Arizona MMA/Boxing Promoter Surety Bond

July 3, 2018

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In Arizona, boxing and mixed martial (MMA) arts promoters are required to obtain a $20,000 surety bond before actively engaging in this profession.


Our article explains some of what is required to be licensed as an Arizona boxing promoter.


And, of course, we help you to obtain your $20,000 boxing-promoter bond both quickly and at the best pricing available.



Arizona Boxing/MMA



In Arizona, persons engaged in the sport of boxing and/or MMA, are governed by the:

Arizona Department of Gaming

Boxing and MMA Commission

1110 W. Washington Street, Ste. 450

Phoenix, AZ 85007


Commissioners for boxing and MMA in Arizona are appointed to a term of 3 years.



Arizona’s Definition of Boxing and MMA



The sport of boxing is defined as a both an attack and defense with the use of gloves.  The law in Arizona states that “kickboxing” is of the same genre as “boxing”.

MMA is further defined as a using a combination of boxing, kicking, wrestling, and hitting.

To engage in the sport of boxing in Arizona as a professional, it is required that the competitors are competing for an amount above $35, or, more generally, as a means of making a living.



Who Must Be Licensed in Boxing and MMA



According to the Arizona Commissioner, “All referees, judges, matchmakers, promoters, trainers, ring announcers, timekeepers, ringside physicians, inspectors, mixed martial arts contestants, boxers, managers and seconds are required to be licensed by the commission.”

The above persons must also provide fingerprints which are used to conduct a background check.



Becoming Licensed as an Arizona Boxing/MMA Promoter



In addition to fingerprinting, licensing for a boxing promoter includes all of the following:

  • Copies of any and all agreements which show what an applicant will pay a contestant, including any percentages or fees for gate receipts;
  • Proof of the required insurance amount;
  • Copes of the applicant’s latest financial business statements;
  • Contestants of applicants must submit to a medical examination and must submit those results in a manner or using the documentation required by the Commissioner;
  • Contestants must test negative for certain diseases: Hepatitis B, C, and HIV;
  • Boxing or MMA contestants over 36 years old must submit to a stress test and provide a clearance letter;
  • Boxing or MMA contestants over 40 years old may be required to submit to a brain scan;
  • Female contestants must submit to a pregnancy test and the test must come back negative;


Among other requirements, found here,


A surety bond of $20,000 is required.



$20,000 Arizona Boxing/MMA Surety Bond



The Arizona boxing/mma surety bond, in an amount of $20,000 (although, presumably, the Commission has the right to require a larger surety bond amount) is to ensure that the boxing promoter will follow all of the rules listed above.

It’s important to note that the surety bond required is different and separate from the insurance policy required by the Commissioner.

The surety bond protects others from the wrongful actions of a boxing/MMA promoter (i.e. any violation of the above rules).



Cost of the Arizona Boxing/MMA Surety Bond



While the face amount of the professional boxing/MMA surety bond is $20,000, applicants, of course, will only pay a small percentage of that amount.

The amount for the premium is entirely credit score-driven.

But regardless of your credit, AmeriPro Surety Bonds will work to get you the best pricing available.



Once Your Surety Bond is Obtained



Once your surety bond is obtained (during normal business hours, it should ideally be the same day) you will need to file the bond along with any of your other licensing requirements.



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