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Arizona Telephone Solicitor Bond

July 25, 2018

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Arizona Telephone Solicitors


In Arizona, telephone solicitors are regulated by the Arizona Secretary of State . Telephone solicitors are defined as those who offer for sale or for lease, a good or service which is valued at $500 or more.

Solicitors are defined as live operators offering goods or services valued at the above amount or greater, and calling to a number that is in Arizona.

Arizona law describes also these such as offering a “business opportunity



Filing to be an Arizona Telephone Solicitor



The state of Arizona offers three forms of filing for Arizona telelphone solicitors:

There is the full registration. That application is here:

There is the limited registration: That application is here:

There is the exempt registration. That application is found here:

The application you will be required to file, cannot be determined by AmeriPro Surety Bonds.

The Arizona Secretary of State itself encourages applicants to consult with legal counsel to find out which application is best for them; they do not assist applicants in determining which application is appropriate.

There is a filing fee of $500, due in July, and prorated depending on when an application is submitted.

Further regulations for Arizona Telephone Solicitors:

Further regulations of Arizona telephone solicitors can be found here:



Arizona Telephone Solicitor Bond



Telephone solicitors who meet the requirements mentioned above, among others, are required to purchase and file a surety bond with the Arizona Secretary of State.

The surety bond required is $100,000.

Once purchased, along with the application, solicitors may mail the bond to the following address:

Secretary of State
Attn: Telephonic Sellers Dept.
1700 W. Washington Street, Fl. 7
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2808



Purpose of an Arizona Telephone Solicitor Bond



The Arizona telephone solicitor bond is required to protect the consumer from acts of fraud, theft, malfeasance, and any willful or harmful activity which may be committed by a telephone solicitor when contacting persons with an Arizona phone number.

The bond as such is not, therefore, a form of insurance for the Arizona telephone solicitor.



Surety Bonds: 3-Sides to an Arizona Telephone Solicitor Bond



Surety bonds have three sides; it is one of the things which distinguish surety bonds from insurance policies.

The principal is the telephone solicitor company or person who is purchasing the bond, and in doing so, is offering a guarantee;

The obligee, in this case the Arizona Secretary of State is the entity requiring that the bond be purchased. They want the financial guarantee that the Arizona telelphone solicitor will abide by all laws related to the industry;

The surety is the entity which issues the Arizona telephone solicitor bond and has the financial backing to pay on any claim.

At the same time, any claims which are paid on a surety bond must be fully reimbursed by the principal, including interest, costs and attorney fees.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds is agent for the surety company.



Cost of an Arizona Telephone Solicitor Bond



Applicants will pay only a small percentage of the Arizona telephone solicitor bond.

Known as the premium, the amount will be determined by the applicant’s credit score.

The bond renews on an annual basis, and should be issued to run concurrent with an Arizona telephone solicitor’s license.

Regardless of an applicant’s credit score, we will work with you to have the bond issued at the best available pricing.



AmeriPro Surety Bonds



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