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California Alcoholic Beverage Tax Bond

March 16, 2020

The California alcohol beverage tax bond is offered at 1% (minimum of $100) on receipt of your signed surety bond application, and approval of good credit. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds at 844-589-9732.

California Alcoholic Beverage Tax Bond

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Applicability; Purpose of the Surety Bond




According to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, manufacturers, winegrowers, wine blenders, wholesalers, importers and others, are required to obtain a surety bond in favor of the Department as a prerequisite for licensing.

The surety bond serves as a financial guarantee that all taxes, penalties, interest, fees, and other financial obligations are paid to the state according to the (California) Alcoholic Beverage Tax Law.




Amount of Surety Bond Required




The amount of the California alcoholic beverage tax bond required is the greater of:

  • $500;
  • OR, not more than two times the estimated amount for taxpayers reporting each month;
  • OR, not more than two times the estimated amount for taxpayers reporting for a time period greater than one month;
  • AND, in an amount acceptable to the Department.




Qualifying and the Premium




To qualify for the California alcoholic beverage tax bond, besides providing us with the surety amount required, you will need to both complete and sign a short surety bond application.

We can begin the application with you over the phone; however, we’ll still you need your signature for completion.

As the most important part of the underwriting of your surety bond, good credit is required. Upon approval of your application, the premium is 1% of the amount required.

This premium is annual; but, presumably, you may require different surety bond amount upon renewal.

Upon approval of your surety bond and payment of the premium, our agency issues your bond to you immediately.

Besides your surety bond, you’ll be issued a Power of Attorney form and a notarized Acknowledgment from our agency as Surety.

After receiving your original bond by mail (the state requires original documents, not copies), you’ll sign your bond as Principal and file it to:

CA State Board of Equalization

P.O. Box 942879

Sacramento, CA 94279





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