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California Bail Agent Surety Bond

May 18, 2018

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CA Bail Agent Surety Bond

A Word of Clarification:  AmeriPro Surety Bonds does not offer bail bonds to release someone from custody at an inmate facility.  What we offer are bail agent surety bonds which are purchased by bail agents.

California Bail Agents

 California bail agents are licensed by the California Department of Insurance (DOI) and their licenses are active for a period of two years before renewal.

A bail agent’s job is essentially to release persons from custody by posting a bail bond with the respective jail or court (many bail bonds in California are posted inside a courthouse).

By posting this “bail bond”, the agents are promising that they are financially responsible for defendants making all court appearances.

While California bail agents frequently work with attorneys, California law proscribes any bail agent from referring any bail client to an attorney.

In California, doing so may constitute a felony and can result in the bail agent losing his or bail license, along with time in jail.

Becoming a California bail agent

To become a California bail agent, one must:

  • Fill out an application and pay the registration fee;
  • Take a pre-licensing course;
  • Pass a state exam;
  • Become appointed with a surety company

Once licensed, California bail agents can normally “write bail” anywhere in the state, unless their license has been restricted to certain counties by the California DOI.

Bail Agent Surety Bond

 A bail agent surety bond (again, not to be confused with “bail bonds”) is purchased by and for bail agents.

This surety bond is purchased by a bail agent as a promise that the bail agent will observe all state and local laws in connection with bail agent duties.

The bail agent bond, therefore, is not surety for the bail agent (also known as bail bondsman).

Rather, this surety bond is purchased by the bail agent as protection for the public against any illegal or willfully negligent acts of wrongdoing on the part of the bail agent in the performance of their duties.

As an important word: For bail agents who are not currently employed with a bail agency but who wish to keep their bail agent license active for an extended period, this surety bond is important to have.

Instant Issue Bond

AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers this bail agent surety bond as an instant Issue bond.

Merely fill out our application, pay the premium of $100, and this bond is issued to you.

There is no credit check nor formal underwriting.

The amount of the bond is $1000.

Once purchased, you will need to file the surety bond with the California Department of Insurance along with any filing fees, if there are any.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds

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