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California Car Wash Bond

May 15, 2018

The California car wash bond is a $150,000 surety bond required of car washes who maintain employees. If approved through our agency, the annually premium will be 1%, $1500. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds today at 844-589-9732

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California Car Wash Bond




California Car Wash Surety Bonds and Employee-factor:  Something to Note




As you read this and learn more about purchasing the California car wash surety bond (this surety bond is for $150,000) please note that just about everything mentioned regarding car wash regulations is in some way is related to the employees of a car wash.

As we discuss obtaining your California car wash bond, this will become more apparent as to why.




Qualifying and the Premium




Qualifying for the California car wash bond includes a short surety bond application --- which we will take from you over the phone --- and undergoing a credit check inquiry.  To be approved through our agency, good credit will be required.  Approval will be at 1%, $1500 annually.

Once the premium is paid, our agency issues this bond to you and it is mailed by the following business day.  For an extra fee, overnight options for mailing are also available.





Registration Requirements:




Car washes which are required to be registered with the Department of Industrial Relations and must post a current and valid registration where all employees of the car wash may easily view it throughout the workday.




California Car Wash Surety Bond




Car wash establishments in California which have employees are required to purchase a surety bond in the amount of $150,000.  This bond is purchased by the owner of a car wash and it protects the employees of a car wash company.




How Does the $150,000 Car Wash Bond Protect Employees?




The car wash bond serves as a guarantee purchased by a car wash company that employees will be properly compensated for their work, including regular wages and any overtime due.




Car Wash Bond and California Law




California Assembly Bill 1387 was signed by Governor Jerry Brown on October 13, 2013.  This bill mandated that car washes purchase a surety bond on behalf of the people of the state of California.

The beneficiaries of this bond are the employees of the car wash.The surety bond was increased to $150,000 after there had been instances of car wash companies who did not properly compensate their employees. Such lack of compensation included regular wages, overtime, and related benefits.





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