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California Cemetery Broker Bond


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California Cemetery Brokers

California cemetery brokers are regulated by the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Cemetery and Funeral Bureau.

A California cemetery broker is defined as one who “sells or offers for sale, 2) buys or offers to buy, 3) lists, 4) leases or offer to lease, or 5) solicits or negotiates…cemetery property or internment services.” (California Cemetery Bureau).

Salespeople, as opposed to cemetery brokers, are those who work for a cemetery broker.

Becoming a Cemetery Broker:

To become eligible to be a cemetery broker in California, one must have first worked for at least 2 years as a cemetery salesman.

In addition to being a California resident, there is also a Cemetery Broker examination which must be passed.

Also, candidates must not have been convicted of any acts involve any acts of moral turpitude unless such acts are misdemeanor, or, if a felony has been later expunged by California law.

California Cemetery Broker Bond

While one does not have to have the surety bond to sit for the California cemetery broker exam, this bond is required to become licensed as a cemetery broker.

Licenses for cemetery brokers are issued for a year, are $300, and have a $150 late renewal fee.

California Cemetery Brokers: $10,000 Bond

 California cemetery brokers are required to file a $10,000 surety bond with the California Cemetery Bureau in order to be licensed.

This surety bond is a guarantee that the cemetery broker will comply with all rules, and regulations in the performance of duties as a broker.

The bond is not liability insurance for the cemetery broker, but it is a protection against legal acts for the public committed by a cemetery broker.

Cost of a California Cemetery Bond

AmeriPro Surety Bonds will work with you to get the best pricing on your California cemetery broker bond.

While the California cemetery bond is for $10,000, you will not pay that amount for the premium.

The premium amount will almost entirely be determined by your credit score.  For those with good credit scores, the cost for the surety bond may be between 1-5% of the face amount.

For those with challenged credit, while you may pay a slightly higher premium, our surety agency will work with you to get the best pricing available.

Regardless of your credit situation, our surety bond agency will treat you with respect, courtesy.  We work with and for you,


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