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California Driving School Bond & ATV Organization Bond

May 18, 2018

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California Driving School or All Terrain Vehicles Organization




The Occupational Licensing Division of the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) allows private businesses to share in some of the responsibilities which fall under the jurisdiction of the department.

California driving schools are made up of:

  • driving school owners;
  • driving school operators;
  • and at least one driving school instructor.

A driving school owner is licensed by the CA DMV to provide instructions in the operation of a motor vehicle and to prepare applicants for passing the CA driver license exam, for a fee.

A driving school operator is either the driving school owner or a person who has been employed by the driving school owner to oversee the driving school and manage its affairs.

A driving school instructor is at least one employee of the driving school who provides the instruction involved in obtaining a California driver license.




California Driving School Bond or All-Terrain Vehicles Organization Surety Bond




California driving school instructors who operate a driving school or ATV organization for a profit must post a $10,000 surety bond with the Occupational Licensing Division of the DMV in order to become duly licensed by the state.




What this surety bond does:




 This surety bond is required as protection for customers of the driving school.  It protects these persons as against wrongful, negligent, or fraudulent acts committed by the driving school.

The obligee for the bond is the California DMV.

The principal of this surety bond is the driving school owner.

The surety is the company which is guaranteeing performance of the bond.

A surety bond is not the same as a liability insurance policy which would be purchased as protection for the driving school.

Contrarily, any claims paid by a surety bond company for driving school acts of fraud, negligence, and the like, must be fully repaid by the driving school company.

A surety bond protects the customers of the driving school, not the driving school at all.




Cost of a California driving school bond:




While the bond amount for a California driving school company is $10,000, applicants will only pay a fraction of that amount.

The amount of the surety bond will be determined by the applicant’s credit.

Persons with good credit score may pay as little as $100 for this surety bond.

Persons with challenged credit will pay more; however, AmeriPro Surety Bonds will work to provide you with  the best available price for your surety bond.




Term of California Driving School Bond:




 The California driving school bond is issued for a term which is commiserate with the license provided to you by the Occupational Licensing Department of the DMV.

Thereafter, this surety bond must be renewed.




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