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Colorado Home Sale Down Payment Bond

June 19, 2019

The CO Division of Housing is the entity entrusted with the regulation of manufactured housing. A $50,000 Colorado home sale down payment bond is required of those who collect down payments. The bond protects consumers and ensures contractual obligations are met. Approval is based upon good credit and issued at 2%, $1000 annually.  Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds at 844-589-9732.

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Manufactured Homes Sales – Colorado




Individuals and businesses who sale manufactured homes and collect the down payment are required to being registered with the Colorado Division of Housing. Additionally, such businesses are also required to maintain a separate fiduciary account. The account will hold all down payment money received toward the purchase of a manufactured home.

The Division requires you to furnish evidence of having obtained the proper surety bond.




The Amount of Surety Bond and Qualifying




The Colorado home sale down payment bond is a $50,000 surety bond required of businesses which sale manufactured homes. By statute, the bond is mandated under § 6-1-604 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.

To obtain this bond, you will complete a standard surety bond application (which can be completed over the phone with an agent), and undergo a credit inquiry.

Our agency utilizes a “soft pull” credit inquiry which will not adversely affect your credit score.

Once the application has been approved, and the bond’s first year premium paid, our agency can send you an emailed copy of the bond for your filing. The original bond with the wet signature will follow in the mail to be sent by the following business day.




The Premium Amount and Term




A $50,000 Colorado home sale down payment bond will have an estimated premium of $1000, or 2%. The home sale down payment bond, once issued, will be active for one year from the date of issuance.




Additional Premium Payment Options




While the term of this bond is one year, you have the option of prepaying this bond for 2 or 3 years. The decision is entirely yours to make. Prepayment allows you a savings over year to year renewal of your surety bond premium.

The prepayment options are as follows:

  • If your home sale down payment bond is prepaid for 2 years, the estimated premium is $1800;
  • If your bond is prepaid for 3 years, the estimated premium is $2600.



The Purpose of Your Surety Bond Requirement




As stated by statute, this surety bond is required of you as a financial guarantee that any money collected towards a down payment will be refunded in accordance with the terms of the contract provided to the consumer.




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