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Florida Games/Sweepstakes Retail Bond


The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services requires a Florida games/sweepstakes retail bond in an amount equal to the value of the prizes. Read more and call us for your bond: 844-589-9732.

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Florida Games/Sweepstakes Promoters




Businesses or individuals who offer games with promotions and prizes, or sweepstakes, for amounts of more than $5,000, must register with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Sweepstakes promoters are also regulated by the Section 849.094 of the Florida Statutes and Chapter 5J-14 of the Florida Administrative Code.

You must file 7 days before offering this in Florida with the Department.

This is whether you are based in Florida or out of state.




Florida Games/Sweepstakes Retail Bond: Amount Required




Determining the amount of surety bond require for games and sweepstakes promoters is very simple:

The amount of the surety bond required is equal to the value of all prizes offered.




Florida Games/Sweepstakes Retail Bond: The Purpose




The purpose of this surety bond is to protect others – namely the consumers or game participants, from acts of theft, fraud, criminal conduct, misrepresentation and other illegal activities committed by the games/sweepstakes promoter, any owners, managers, or employees of a sweepstakes company.

The bond serves only as a protection for others; it does not protect the Florida sweepstakes company at all.




Florida Games/Sweepstakes Retail Bond: The Price for this Bond




Since the surety bond amount required is determined by the value of the prizes and sweepstakes promotions, the amount required will of course vary.

At the very minimum, the bond amount is at least $5000, since that is the threshold for the surety bond requirement.

Still, a few guidelines might be helpful:

  • The bond’s premium will likely be a small percentage of the overall surety bond required, in some cases between 2-5% of the bond’s face amount;
  • The bond’s premium will also likely be determined by your credit score (our agency utilizes a soft pull which will not adversely affect your score);
  • If the bond amount is especially large --- say $100,000 or thereabouts, in addition to a credit check, an application may be requested which will ask you about your net worth, investments, etc.



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