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The $50,000 Florida home medical equipment provider bond is  required by the Agency for Health Care Administration. AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers this as a new or renewal bond for you: 844-589-9732.

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Home Medical Equipment Providers




A Florida home medical equipment provider is a person or company who sales or rents medical equipment that is used in the home. According to the definition, the person also offers repairs and upkeep of the medical items.

Medical equipment providers are regulated by the Florida Agency of Health Care Administration.

The $50,000 surety bond requirement is as per 59A-25.002 of the Florida Administrative Code.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds provides helps you to meet both the initial and renewal surety bond requirements as mandated by the Florida Agency.




Florida Home Medical Equipment Provider Bond: Purpose




The $50,000 surety bond is required of, at least, initial applicants to demonstrate financial solvency to the Agency of Health Care Administration. The surety bond may also be required again upon renewal at the Agency’s discretion.

This surety bond also acts as a financial guarantee that the medical equipment provider will conform to all laws and statutes in the performance of their duties.

The bond protects others from acts of fraud, theft, or willful criminal misconduct in the performance of their duties.

As an applicant for this surety bond, you should always keep in mind that this bond does not protect your or your medical equipment provider company at all; it is not an insurance policy.

Its sole beneficiaries are the Agency, and any customers who may suffer demonstrable harm due to misconduct connected with the financial guarantee the surety bond offers.




Florida Home Medical Equipment Provider Bond: Premium




The premium for this surety bond represents the price you will pay for its issuance.

The bond’s pricing will depend on your application and credit score. It is also possible that a request for your financial statement will be needed to determine the bond’s price.

Applicants with very good credit should expect to pay a small percentage of the $50,000.

Our agency will work on your behalf to see that you receive the best pricing.




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