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Georgia Bait Dealer Bond

January 25, 2019


The Georgia bait dealer bond is a $2k surety bond that costs just $100 annually. Please call us today at 844-589-9732.

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Georgia Bait Dealer Bond




The Georgia bait dealer bond is a $2000 surety bond required for licensing with the state.

In Georgia, you are in violation of Code Section 27-2-23 if you take a live or dead shrimp to use as bait, unless you are properly licensed by the state to do so.




Term of the Georgia Bait Dealer Bond




The bait dealer bond will have an expiration on March 31st of the year in which the bond is issued. In cases where the bond is issued after March 31st of the calendar year, the bond’s expiration date is the following March 31st.

Your surety bond will have an year that runs between April 1st and March 31st.




Purpose of the Georgia Bait Dealer Bond




The surety bond must be purchased prior to the state issuing you a bait dealer license.

The bond serves as a financial guarantee, on behalf of the state of Georgia, that once your license has been granted, that you will be in compliance with all statutes regarding the obtaining or using bait within Georgia.

This compliance includes the use of bait, the sale of bait, and its possession.




The Premium Amount




The premium for this surety bond is $100 annually.  There is no credit check for this surety bond.

An application for this surety bond can be most quickly completed directly over the phone with an agent.

Once issued, the bond is sent to you by the next business day for filing with the state.

The state will only permit an original copy of the surety bond. Once your license has been granted, the license will note that a surety bond has been filed in connection with the issuance of the license.




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