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Georgia DUI Or Drug Risk Reduction Bond

May 4, 2020

The $10,000 Georgia DUI or drug risk reduction bond is offered for $100 annually. For any applicants who require it, we also higher surety bond amounts. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds at 844-589-9732.

Georgia DUI or Drug Risk Reduction Bond

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Surety Bond And Purpose




The $10,000 Georgia DUI, alcohol or drug use risk reduction program, required by the state’s Department of Driver Services, is a financial guarantee of your compliance with O.C.G.A. 40-5-83, as amended.

This statute deals with the establishment and operational procedures of state-licensed driver improvement businesses.




Qualifying and the Premium




There is no underwriter review nor credit check for the $10,000 Georgia DUI or drug risk reduction bond. You are automatically approved upon calling our agency, and the premium is just $100 annually.

When you call us, we’ll ask you the basics which is just providing us with the name that should appear on your surety bond, along with your address and the address location.

After payment of the $100 premium, our agency issues your bond to you immediately.

Thereafter, this bond can be issued to you for filing. Upon receipt, you’ll sign your bond as principal, and then mail file it to the following address:

Georgia Department of Driver Services

Attention: Regulatory Compliance Division

Conyers, GA 30013

For applicants who also require a higher surety bond amount, we offer this to you as well.




Premium Prepayment Options




Your DUI, alcohol or drug risk reduction program surety bond is issued for a one year term.

You may prepay your premium up to 3 years. Doing so offers you a savings over annual renewals. The option is there for you, but there is no obligation to choose it.

The premium prepayment options and savings are as follows:

  • If prepaid for 2 years, the premium is $180, a $20 savings;
  • If prepaid for 3 years, the premium is $260, a $40 savings.




About Us




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