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Idaho Injunction Bond

November 6, 2019

The Idaho injunction bond requirement apparently has been repealed in 2019; however, this is now for informational purposes only. Our agency offers the injunction bond in other states where this is required in accordance with the same underwriting guidelines discussed in this article.

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Injunctions - Idaho



An injunction, temporary injunction, or temporary restraining order bond is enjoined by the Court on the Plaintiff, who is required to obtain the bond on behalf of and in favor of a Defendant(s).  The bond required is a mandate of the court for the continuance of court proceedings.

The injunction bond protects the Defendant(s) in case it is subsequently determined that the Plaintiff's cause of action cause the former some harm and that the lawsuit was with without merit.

The court will determine the amount of an injunction bond required in a given case.  In Idaho, the Defendant will have the right to object to the bond amount as discussed below.



Qualifying and the Premium



Up to and inclusive of a $25,000 surety bond amount, our agency offers you the Idaho injunction bond with streamlined processing.

What this means for you is that after providing our agency with:

  • A copy of the court order which states the amount of the injunction bond required (and which document will have other information needed to for writing your surety bond);
  • And payment of the premium, 2%, with a minimum of $100, whichever amount is greater;
  • Our agency issues the injunction bond to you immediately

Amounts Greater than $25,000 Surety Bond Requirement

For an Idaho injunction bond greater than $25,000, in addition to the above, a credit check review and review by our underwriters are also required.

Good credit will be required in order to be approved, and the premium will be 2% of the amount of the surety bond required.

In either instance, once the application is approved and the premium paid, our agency issues you your injunction surety bond, mailing it along with the Power of Attorney form by the following business day.  For an additional fee, overnight mailing options are also available.



Annual Renewal of the Premium; Prepayment Options



The premium payment for your injunction surety bond is not a onetime payment.  For as long as the case is active and the surety bond is required, the premium will renew annually on the anniversary of the bond's issuance.  As a general rule, we state to prepare to pay the premium on this surety bond at least twice.

Options exist to prepay your injunction surety bond for up to 3 years.  Doing so will offer you a savings over annual renewals.  However, please note that should your case be resolved before the end of your surety bond's term, refunds will not be granted.



Purpose Of Your Surety Bond Requirement



The Idaho injunction bond is mandated by the Idaho court in compliance with §48-406 (5).  As stated within the state, the bond is required to protect the Defendant for any costs and damages incurred, not exceeding the bond's amount, as a result of the Plaintiff's lawsuit.

The Defendant has the right to contest the amount of surety required, but must do so within 5 days of the service of temporary injunction.



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