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Louisiana Driving School Bond

August 12, 2019

The $40,000 Louisiana driving school bond is issued by our agency without a credit check and at a very favorable premium rate. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds today at 844-589-9732.

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Driving schools in Louisiana are are licensed and regulated by the state’s Office of Motor Vehicles.

The Office provides a list of requirements to become a Louisiana driving school. The surety bond requirement is listed in Phase 2, a $40,000 surety bond.

Our agency provides helps you meet this requirement within a matter of minutes.




Qualifying and the Annual Premium




Qualifying for the Louisiana driving school bond is by completion of a surety bond application (which can be taken over the phone), and payment of the premium $300 for a full year. Bonds purchased within a calendar year may be prorated as to the price.

The bond has an expiration date of December 31st regardless of when or for what duration the bond is purchased.

You are pre-approved for this bond. There is neither an underwriter inquiry nor a credit check for the driving school surety bond.

After the application has been completed and the premium paid, a copy of the bond can be sent to you by email. The original surety bond, which you will sign as Principal, and which you should file with the Office, will be mailed to you by the following business day.




Premium Prepayment Options




While the bond is issued for a one year term of $300 ---and thereafter must be renewed--- we offer you the ability to prepay the driving school bond up to 3 years. The prepayment of the premium options are as follows:

  • Prepaid for 2 years at a premium of $560, a $40 savings;
  • Prepaid for 3 years at a premium of $820, an $80 savings.



The Purpose Of Your Surety Bond




The purpose of your surety bond is to serve as a financial guarantee for the state of Louisiana that you will be in compliance with all rules, ordinances, and laws in the work involved in being a the operator of a driving school.




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AmeriPro Surety Bonds is a surety bonds-only agency. We provide license and permit surety bonds throughout Louisiana. Our agency also provides surety bonds nationwide.

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