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Massachusetts Auctioneer Bond

April 24, 2019

The $10,000 Massachusetts auctioneer bond will typically be priced at about $100, annually. The bond is required by the state's Division of Standards. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds today at: 844-589-9732.

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Auctioneers – Massachusetts




Applicants for an auctioneer license in Massachusetts will want to meet the requirements as outlined under the mass.gov website for auctioneer licensing.

A condition of licensing is that a surety bond is required by the Division of Standards.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers you this surety bond as both a new and renewal surety bond.




Massachusetts Auctioneer Bond: Amount Required and Premium




The Massachusetts auctioneer bond is a $10,000 surety bond required by the Division of Standards.

After the completion of a surety bond application, and a credit check, the auctioneer bond will typically be priced at about $100 for the year. The cost may vary somewhat, depending on information provided on the credit application and the credit score.

Options may exist to prepay the auctioneer bond up to 3 years, which will offer a savings over annual renewal over renewing the bond each year.




This Surety Bond’s Purpose




The $10,000 Massachusetts auctioneer bond is required as a financial guarantee that you will be in compliance with all laws, regulations, amendments, and additions governing laws regarding auctioning in the Commonwealth.

More specifically, the bond is a requirement to ensure your compliance with:

  • Chapter 100 of the state legislature;
  • That you will pay any and all fees and penalties for any violations of Chapter 100;
  • That you will pay any judgments of any creditors as required and as connected with your auctioneer profession.

These three points are found in the surety bond wording as well.

As principal of this bond, you serve as its guarantor. This means that should any claims be paid against your bond by the surety, you are liable for the reimbursement of any and all such claims.

However, the amount of claims paid by the surety will not exceed the aggregate sum of the surety bond, in this case, $10,000.




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