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Missouri Motor Vehicle Auction Bond


The Missouri motor vehicle auction bond is a $100,000 surety bond which may cost you as little as 1.5% annually. Please call our agency today at 844-589-9732.

Missouri Motor Vehicle Auction Bond

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The Missouri Department of Revenue regulates auto gatherings which qualify as special event motor vehicle auctions.

To be classified as this type of auction gathering your event must:

  • Not take place more than 3 times within a calendar year;
  • Not be longer than 3 consecutive calendar days;
  • Have 90% of the vehicles being auctioned are 10 years or older;
  • And have no more than 3% of the vehicles being auctioned owned by the auctioneer or the owners.

If your event meets all of these criteria, you must also file the appropriate surety bond with the Department.




Missouri Motor Vehicle Auction Bond: Amount and Qualifying




Missouri’s motor vehicle auction bond is a $100,000 surety bond required if you meet the above regulations. Our agency offers this bond.

Applicants for the bond will complete a standard surety bond application. Though you can complete the application on your own, we can accept an application from you over the phone, thereby completing it within a few minutes.

In addition to those standard questions, you will be asked the following as part of the underwriting process:

  • Whether you have a bankruptcy on your record, business or personal;
  • If you have ever had a surety bond canceled or denied;
  • Whether you are currently a party to any lawsuits;
  • Whether you have any unsatisfied judgments or liens.



Estimated Cost and Duration




The estimated cost for a well qualified applicant for the $100,000 Missouri motor vehicle auction bond may be as little as $1500; however the amount that you will be asked and required to pay may vary from this amount. What will likely cause this amount to vary is information provided on your surety bond application; however, rest assured that we will work to find you the best pricing.




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