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Nevada Care and Facilities Services Bond

June 14, 2018

Many types of Nevada health care facilities --among them, home, agencies, and rehab centers, are required to post a surety bond with the Nevada Department of Health Aging and Disability Services. The surety bond required is between $5,000 and $50,000. Learn more from AmeriPro Surety Bonds.

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Nevada Care Facilities and Services


Nevada healthcare facility services are regulated by Chapter 449 of the Nevada Revised Statutes.

The statutes are under the jurisdiction of the State of Nevada, Department of Health and Human Services, Division for Aging and Disability Services.

Among many other things, these statutes define Nevada:


  • Homes for hospice care
  • Homes for modified medical detoxification
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Care for the treatment of irreversible renal disease
  • Halfway house for recovering alcohol or drug abusers
  • A facility for refractive surgery
  • Care for dependent adults
  • Palliative services

In short, these laws regulate a health facility, home, or agency.


Applying to Operate as a care facility and Services in Nevada


Applicants for a Nevada care facility will want to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the provisions of Chapter 449 for any rules which are relevant to their objectives.

The rules define both the requirements and any exceptions for Nevada care facilities.


Nevada Surety Bond Requirements for Care Facilities and Services


Before operating a care facility in Nevada, obtaining a surety bond is required.

The face amount of the surety bond required will be determined by the number of employees at the facility.


Employees and Surety Bond Amounts Required for Nevada Care Facilities


The amount of this bond will be a minimum of $5000 and have a maximum of $50,000.

The amounts are determined as follows:

If there are less than 7 employees, the bond is for $5000.00;

If there are between 7 and 25 employees, the bond required is $25,000;

If there are more than 25 employees, the bond required is $50,000.


Cost of the Nevada Care and Facilities Services Bond


The cost of this bond, issued to run concurrently with the license issued by the state of Nevada, will be dependent on two criteria:

The bond face amount (i.e. $5,000 or $25,000);


The applicant’s credit score.

Of note, is that while the bond amounts are between $5,000 and $50,000, an applicant will pay only a small percentage of that amount.


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