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Nevada Tax Preparer Bond (Document Preparer Bond)

June 20, 2018

The $50,000 Nevada tax preparer (document preparer bond) is issued to you by our agency immediately after completing a verbal application over the phone. The premium is just $500 annually, 1%. Options exist to prepay your surety bond for up to 3 years as well. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds at 844-589-9732.

Nevada Document Preparation Services

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Nevada Legal Assistant Bond




Nevada document preparers, sometimes known as legal assistants, are defined as legal assistance services which provide, for compensation, legal assistance in certain matters.  This may include the preparation of legal papers.

These preparers are regulated by the Nevada Secretary of State.


(IN JULY OF 2017, Nevada began requiring tax preparers to also post a $50,000 surety bond with the Secretary of State.  This article refers to tax preparers as well)



Qualifying and the Premium



You are automatically approved for the $50,000 Nevada tax preparer (document preparer bond).  There is no credit check involved.  Instead, after completing an application which we'll take from you over the phone --- and paying the premium of $500, our agency issues this bond to you immediately.

Note that there is no credit check nor underwriter review involved to obtain this surety bond; you are approved when you call.

Once the premium has been paid, the bond is issued to you and mailed to you by the following business day.  Upon receipt of your surety bond, you'll need to sign it as Principal before filing it with the Secretary of State.  A Power of Attorney form will also be included in the mailing.



Premium Prepayment Options



At $500 premium, your surety bond is issued to you for a one year period.  Thereafter, it will renew on the anniversary of its issuance.  Our agency also offers you the option to prepay your bond up to 3 years, thereby offering you a savings over annual renewals.  The breakdown is as follows:

  • If prepaid for 2 years, the premium is $900, a $100 savings;
  • If prepaid for 3 years, the premium is $1300, a $200 savings.




What and Who is included in the definition of a Nevada Document Preparer



Included in the definition of a Nevada document preparer are any and all of the following:

Persons and organizations, who, for compensation:

  • Are paralegals, unless they work under the supervision of an attorney who is licensed in Nevada;
  • Persons or companies who assist a client, for a fee, in the preparation of a state or federal tax return; or who assist in obtaining for a client a tax refund;
  • Bankruptcy petitioners;
  • Any person or company who prepares, for a fee, a pleading or application in a legal matter, for a client;
  • Any person or company who helps a client obtain a birth certificate, or some other supporting document in connection with a legal matter.



Becoming a Nevada Document Preparer or Legal Assistant



To qualify as a Nevada document preparer, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Applicants must be a US citizen or legal resident of the United States;
  • Applicants can have no suspensions from law in any US jurisdiction;
  • Applicants can have no revocation or suspensions of any document preparer license in any state;
  • No prior convictions, within the previous 10 years of any acts involving theft, fraud, or dishonesty
  • Register, online for an application by going here 
  • Provide a set of fingerprints and a fingerprint background waiver;

Applicants will also need to obtain a surety bond for $50,000.


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